FBI Docs Expose Joe Biden’s Sketchy Golfing Expeditions – IOTW Report

FBI Docs Expose Joe Biden’s Sketchy Golfing Expeditions

Trending Politics: A former business partner to Hunter Biden who orchestrated the transfer of overseas funds to members of President Joe Biden’s family testified to FBI agents that he played golf with the president up to a dozen times, often at the request of Hunter while the two traded on the family name in their work with foreign corporations.

Rob Walker, who partnered with Hunter to form various limited liability companies used to funnel payments, described how Hunter pleaded with him to play golf with his father, then Vice President. Asked if he’d met Biden, Walker described the strange encounters arranged by his son.

“…I mean I would get called and I’d.., I’d play golf with him probably eight to twelve times and… I played with him at um.., ah.., Bully Rock in Havre de Grace with ah.., Beau and Hunter one time,” said Walker according to a partially redacted transcript of his FBI testimony. “…[P]layed with ‘em in D.C. probably ten times or so…”

He added that Hunter would urge him to play hooky from work in order to attend the outings. more

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  1. Cisco Kid: The fact that all this information is coming out is not because of a new-found sense of justice, but rather because they are getting ready to put Biden on the trash heap. He has become “obsolete.”

    I would not be surprised if, as soon as he is dumped, he gets indicted for everything he has ever done including jaywalking when he was a college freshman. Then the Democrats will proclaim how they are the party of justice.


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