FBI opened Russia probe on third-hand ‘suggestion’ of collusion, declassified memo shows

Former FBI executive says memo shows probe should never have been opened up “in a million years.”

5 Comments on FBI opened Russia probe on third-hand ‘suggestion’ of collusion, declassified memo shows

  1. And yet the fbi and ic officials who did this still walk around free as a bird.

    I see no reason why anyone should obey any laws if those people don’t have to.

    Admit it. The laws of this country are just an excuse to put conservatives in jail. They serve no other purpose.

  2. How is it Oblowme’s FBI came to open a criminal investigation against Trump on the strength of 4th-hand hearsay, a “suggestion”?

    Because it was the same FBI who elected not to look at (Hillary’s) hacked DNC server(s), or investigate Anthony Wiener’s laptop, or back-up the Capitol police regarding Wasserman-Shultz’s threats to them over her lost and found laptop. There are too many “botched” FBI moves under Oblowme to list them all. Suffice to say the FBI we all thought we knew got changed as part of the failed “Hope and Change” deal. Our highest cop shop in the land lost its way and devolved into a rogue outfit of power-hungry, personality-disordered, authority-abusing mobsters. If they weren’t spying on Oblowme’s political enemies, they were living large on The People’s dime with booze and prostitutes. Nothing they were doing was by the book, which is why Rice had to repeat that phrase THREE times in her final email to herself, for the record. None of those people would know what the “book” was if they were hit in the head with it.

    I’m convinced that anyone who calls themselves a progressive or a Democrat is at heart some degree of sociopath. They either don’t know right from wrong or, if they do, they don’t care.

  3. Plain and simple, it was an attempted coup to overthrow our republic. It was treason. And they are still at it.

  4. “It was treason.”

    It IS treason.

    fixed it for ya.

    That the Secret Police would do slimy shit really shouldn’t surprise anyone – that they’d do it to further Totalitarianism SHOULD!

    They ARE committing Treason – but it ain’t over, yet – they ARE STILL committing Treason – Wray and the FISA and District Courts with them – silence is consent.

    Until the penalties match the crimes, the crimes will continue.

    izlamo delenda est …


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