FBI Raids Home of ‘Progressive’ Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao – IOTW Report

FBI Raids Home of ‘Progressive’ Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao

The Democrat lawmaker is the first mayor in the city’s history to be up for recall.
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  1. OT: but the post a few weeks back about Nick Rekeita, it has gotten worse. His 9 year old daughter tested positive for cocaine. They tested the hair follicles of all the kids and she was the only one who tested positive. They said 5000, which supposedly is daily or weekend use.
    His dumbass can’t stay off the internet and looks even more stupid yelling f… you to people. Saying on one hand his family and case is what’s important not his internet show, while streaming shows.
    If they were giving their child cocaine, him and his wife need to be strung up on the tallest tree.

  2. “The FBI is conducting court authorized law enforcement activity on Maiden Lane”

    …which probably means they are retrieving any documentation about bribes and other illegalities between this chick and leading Democrats like Pedo, so any evidence of his 10% gets memory holed as a minor player is hung out to dry for show purposes in a safely Democrat place where it wont really change anything because, elections.

    Its kind of an old story (With evil not-Star Trek Partick Stewart helping tell it in this case)…


  3. It’s a world gone madly awake. A CCP operative posing as a mayor, tasked with destroying an American city is recalled and soon to be possibly prosecuted by the FBI. In Oakland, California? What is happening?! Sometimes justice rules.


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