FBI Re-Creates Decoy Heads Alcatraz Inmates Used in Escape

WMAL: SAN FRANCISCO — Half a century after a notorious prison escape from Alcatraz Island, the FBI has created replicas of decoy heads that inmates used to distract guards from a plan that still captivates researchers and tourists.

Authorities on Thursday unveiled 3D-printed copies of the decoys that inmates Frank Morris and John and Clarence Anglin constructed with soap, plaster and human hair.

Morris and the Anglin brothers placed the decoys in their beds and climbed through a wall to escape the island prison in San Francisco Bay. The men were never found.

Inmate Clayton West also created a head but never made it out of the maximum-security prison that housed dangerous criminals like Al Capone and offenders with a history of escaping.

Authorities said they made the replicas to share with the public because the original decoys are fragile and are evidence in the still-open investigation into the escape by the U.S. Marshals Service.  read more



13 Comments on FBI Re-Creates Decoy Heads Alcatraz Inmates Used in Escape

  1. Boy am I glad they did that.
    Now I can rest easy, knowing that the FBI will spare no expense in recreating knick-knacks from fifty year old jail breaks.
    I feel better, Cocktail?

  2. I guess Clinton, Comey, Obama and all the rest don’t have to worry about being investigated for 50 more years. What a waste of time and money. I wonder what Trump will say about this.

  3. After bungling investigations, sedition and incompetence I understand their needs to try their hand at “Arts & Crafts”.
    Pottery classes will begin at the FBI HQ next week to increase their credibility.


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