FBI wants APPLE to be their back door man

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CNET: Tim Cook hits back at ‘chilling’ order for iPhone ‘backdoor’.

Apple CEO Tim Cook denounced a federal judge’s order to crack open an iPhone used by a terrorist, calling the situation “chilling” and saying it would deal a major setback to online privacy for all.

To hack the phone, the FBI wants Apple to build a new version of its iOS software that Cook claims bypasses the iPhone’s security features and creates “the potential to unlock any iPhone in someone’s physical possession.”

“The US government has asked us for something we simply do not have, and something we consider too dangerous to create,” Cook wrote in an open letter posted on Apple’s website. “They have asked us to build a backdoor to the iPhone.”  MORE

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  1. I thought Cook was a backdoor advocate.

    But seriously, the solution to this whole mess is so simple: FBI gives Apple the savage muslim’s phone, Apple unlocks the savage muslim’s phone in privacy, Apple hands back the savage muslim’s phone. Done.

  2. If the Feds wanna play for keeps, I hope Apple releases every bit of info on certain law men and politicians’ iPhones. You know, “accidentally”.

    What is it with the gubmint? They always come to your court, use your equipment and try to change rules in the middle of the game.
    We need to stop that shit.

    And please, for the love of everything crunchy and delicious, spare me the “[candidate X] will stop this!!!” That’s pure bullshit. The only one who can stop this is the citizen. Not a politician.

  3. Ummm, I encrypt all mail other than the insignificant, encourage others, etc. Don’t like feds accessing whatever they want.

    But when it comes to any confirmed murdering terrorist, they have no rights…

    Each of you should be able to figure this out.

  4. IronyCurtain is right. What the fuck is up with this applesauce conversation? Unlock the fucking phone and hand it to the FBI, problem solved. Even the news talking heads can’t sort out this conversation, they just keep mixing everything together.

    And this phone isn’t the only story like this. In the past few months, several stories along this line, seem to NOT have a simple answer.

  5. It’s for the one phone. Like when they get a subpoena for the contents of one bank safety deposit box, they don’t get to open every box, just the one.

    This is being blown way out of proportion.

  6. For all those that advocate that Apple should give the FiBbIes what they want, a master key to the iPhone encryption, ask yourself, what next? What will Big Brother do with their new toy? After what Edward Snowden revealed, do you trust FedGov to use this backdoor snoop responsibly?

    I’m with ironyCurtain. BY A WARRANT, ISSUED BY A JUDGE, have the FiBbIes give the phone to Apple. Apple unlocks it, without revealing their methods. Lather, rinse, repeat, on a case by case basis, with a warrant each and every time.

  7. The Feebs don’t want a one time solution to this single problem, They want a master key, to every iPhone, forever.

    If Apple does this, the Feds own your phone, not you.

    Sounds like nice grounds for a class action lawsuit – seeking compensation under the 5th Amendment [ “…nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”].

  8. What Cook is knowingly or unknowingly implying is that he can’t trust his own techies to not (in the future) “sell” their secretive backdoor hack they would create to help the FBI with this one phone, to other very wealthy bad actors.

    So what they should do is get a few Apple guys to create the hack, sequestered in a heavily armed lab, extract all the info from the phone (not the “extracting hack” itself) onto a USB or whatever, then destroy the phone and all formulas and equipment used for the hacking “chip”. Then for shits and giggles just blow the brains out of the Apple guys who created the hacking formula. Nobody will know the hack formula.

  9. The issue isn’t whether Apple should help the police with opening one Iphone.

    They want the ability to bypass asking for Apple’s help to get into anyone’s phone from here on out. A Skeleton Key, so to speak, to access any iPhone now and in the future – without asking.

    That’s what’s going on. Apple is on the side of the Constitution right now.

  10. The FBI has been attempting to work this out very quietly with Apple since the phone was recovered. Apple could have resolved this privately with no media scrutiny whatsoever but is choosing to make a big stinking mess about it instead.

    I wonder how Cook would feel had someone close to him been murdered in San Bernadino. The Constitution is not a mutual suicide pact, and this situation is something the founders could have never possibly conceived of. I think there is a strong case to be heard on this in Congress and the Courts.

  11. “undermine the very freedoms and liberty our government is meant to protect.” Actually, I think our freedoms and liberty have to be protected from the government.

  12. From a FB commenter on Trumps call for an Apple boycott:

    “Crystal Lavespere: Trump tweeted about boycotting Apple from his iPhone. unsure emoticon”

    ^^^That’s funny right there!

  13. TO irony and others…….

    Since Apple has refused, McAFEE has offered to do it for free!

    I hope they take up the offer. F*CK Apple.

    God bless the Free Market.

  14. If Apple unlocks the phone and hands it back, the FBI can reverse engineer the data necessary to unlock every phone. If they asked Apple to unlock the phone, download all the data to a thumb drive and just give them info on the phone, I’d be ok with it, but that is not what they are asking.

    Another part of me says this is a rehearsed play. It’s all pretend since the FBI and Apple have slept together many times. but to protect Apple, they have to spat publicly so people think their data is secure, and Apple is still a glorious corporation that even OWS can love. Remember, the FBI left all kinds of stuff behind in the “terrorists” apartment. paper in the shredder, the copier, at least 2 Korans, many, many coloring books that the infant didn’t need, photos, passports and more! Hell, they didn’t even pull the carpeting to see if there was anything under it!

    What is the possibility that somewhere in all that stuff was clue to the encryption code? I say it was very, very high!

    I smell a rat.

  15. The government keeps saying they only want the contents of that phone so I don’t know why Cook doesn’t call their bluff and VERY PUBLICLY state, “No problem. Give us the phone, we’ll take it back to the office, get all the content and load it on another unlocked phone. Then we’ll relock the first phone and both phones back to you as well.”
    If it was me I’d also add for good measure, “Look, it’s not like Obama is actually gonna go after any of his muslim brothers to begin with so why get excited?”

  16. Irony, It is my impression that Apple has offered almost exactly that, but the FBI insists they hand over the un-encrypted phone.

    I still say this is all theater.

  17. Think about that big government spy center in Utah they built so they could mine all the electronic data from the citizens they seek to control. That’s what this is all about.

    If all the feds wanted was the data on the jihadi’s phone, they could, as Irony pointed out, let Apple open it and give them the data. But they want more than that, they want YOUR data too.

    The FBI left the San Berdo jihadi crime scene unsecured. Do they really give a shit about keeping us safe from moslem terrorists? The feds aren’t even allowed to say “moslem terrorist” any more.

  18. Something we weren’t told:

    The FBI had the phone and it was unlocked.

    Someone there reset the passcode and they locked themselves out.

  19. “Give us the phone, we’ll take it back to the office,”

    Then the chain of custody would be broken and all data in it rendered useless in a court of law. Must remain in their hands.

    They’ve screwed the pooch on this one.

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