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Federal Court Strikes Down Biden’s Strick Mandate

Patriot Journal: It’s really unbelievable to think that there are still people out there who approve of Joe Biden. Sure, the Democrat establishment still supports him; he’s a usual puppet who rubber-stamps their agenda. But no regular Americans have benefitted from Biden’s dictatorship.

Remember, it wasn’t that long ago when Joe threatened the jobs of 100 million Americans. We were either going to have to get his experimental vaccine or get fired. It took numerous lawsuits to shut down this shocking attempt at tyranny. And now, finally, the last piece of Biden’s biggest violation of our rights comes crashing down.

From Fox News:

President Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for federal employees was blocked Thursday in federal appeals court.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans reversed a ruling by a three-judge panel of the same court that had upheld the vaccination requirement. At a rare en banc rehearing, the full court rejected the government’s argument that courts don’t have jurisdiction over pre-enforcement challenges to Biden’s vaccine mandate.

Yes, Biden and his crooked government are still pushing the COVID vaccine. They even air commercials starring big-name celebrities, to trick Americans into getting a vaccine for a virus that is not even talked about anymore. Probably has something to do with all those Big Pharma companies, that are getting tax dollars to push it. more

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  1. It just confirms what I’ve been saying that the black vote has a ceiling as far as republicans are concerned.
    Trump pretty much topped it out during the last election.

    Dems promised loan forgiveness, universal basic income (free money), reparations and haven’t delivered.
    They push the vax that blacks are hesitant to trust.

    How many blacks are aware of this?
    Yet 88% of them will STILL vote democrat in 2024.
    Make it make sense!

  2. I’m so done with this. I didn’t vax. I won’t vax. And Biden thanks he can persuade or bully me into compliance using Hollywood whores he is terribly mistaken.

    I hate him.
    I hate Hollywood.
    I hate big pharma.

  3. As a Govt employee, I was forced to take the vax or get canned with 3 years to full retirement. I went and got the first and saw they way it was tracked and then faked my way through the 2nd version and had a co-worker sign my card and I signed his.

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  5. It is remarkable th watch this episode fade into the mist even though people are dying, being disabled, injured, often permanent injuries. Government is still pushing it around these parts.

    This is not the sort of action to be met with conciliation. This requires retribution to minimize the likelihood of a repeat. Will we obtain any retribution on those who’ve murdered, maimed, and crippled these millions of people? How will this be done?


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