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Federal Judge Shuts Down Michigan Recount With Trump Still Up


A federal judge Wednesday night shut down Michigan’s presidential recount, ruling that Green Party candidate Jill Stein has no constitutional right to demand a recount.

Stein has sought a recount of the presidential vote in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, three of the closest states which collectively give Donald Trump his margin of victory in the Electoral College. But her recount effort in Pennsylvania has already been shut down, while the recount in Wisconsin has yielded almost no change to the results, leaving Michigan as the lone place where Stein has a plausible hope of altering the result.



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  1. Hopefully, some of the incredibly stupid idiots who gave money to Stein for the bogus recount will think about abandoning that corrupt party. I know that’s a lot to hope for, like wishing a skunk would turn into a cat.

  2. It’s pretty bad when an Obama appointed liberal judge shuts down your own recount. They started uncovering massive dem fraud and suddenly “oh nothing to see here “.

  3. shut down that recount before any more of the corruption is exposed!

    we need to do a thorough recount of all counties in all the states and determine the extent of voter fraud that actually occurred and who it benefitted.

    then prosecute.

  4. Too bad. I was enjoying the stories coming out of Detroit, like the “sealed” ballot box that was supposed to contain 306 ballots that only contained 50? Yeah, good times!

  5. I’m starting to believe Trump when he said we might get tired of winning. These frigging idiots, if they keep it up, will become the definition of the laughing stock .

  6. Funny thing about having a strangle hold on the ballot box for the past 28 years… it leaves a mark. Now that the hold has been broken is not the time to start investigating what went wrong.

  7. Why are we surprised? Wasting our money is nothing new with the ruling elite class. What is truly surprising is that we allow them to do it – again and again.

  8. Surprised that no one has suggested a total revamp of our federal election process. For example, a strict definition, no exceptions, and no state variations, only legally registered citizens allowed to vote. In FEDERAL elections no recounts unless the net difference is 1% or more, and must be made and paid in full by the candidate requesting the recount, no third parties. No faithless electors allowed in any state. If they try, they follow the example in place in several states of immediate disqualification and replacement by elector charged to vote per state plurality of votes. If that replacement does likewise, then the next one is substituted. Anyone caught voting illegally, voting more than once, shall be charged with sedition, plus fined no less than $500,000. Sedition conviction shall follow prescribed sentencing.
    These are glaring holes in our process needing immediate remedies.

  9. Yep, the Obama appointed federal judge shut down the recount as soon as the recount discovered that 59% of the Detroit area precincts that all went for Clinton had invalid vote counts. The democrats don’t want their secrets getting out.

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