Female Author Loses Book Deal for Tweet-Shaming Black Transit Worker


Author Natasha Tynes publicly shamed a black, female transit worker and now she has lost a book deal.

Tynes is a Jordanian-American who identifies as a “minority writer.” While commuting on a train in Washington DC Friday, she saw a Metro bus operator eating her breakfast, which violates the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) rules forbidding any kind of eating, smoking, or drinking in vehicles or train stations.

Just to be clear, like Tynes, the woman eating breakfast was a train passenger who just happens to be employed by the Transit Authority. She was in uniform because she was on her way to work. Don’t confuse her, as some have, with a train employee eating while she was supposed to be doing her job on the train.

Anyway, according to Tynes, after she took it upon herself to confront the woman about breaking the rules, the bus driver responded with a curt, “Worry about yourself,” that ended up being a pretty good piece of advice.

Unwilling to heed that advice, Tynes decided to photograph the woman, tweet out her photo, and publicly demand action from the WMATA.

“When you’re on your morning commute & see @wmata employee in UNIFORM eating on the train. I thought we were not allowed to eat on the train. This is unacceptable. Hope @wmata responds,” she tweeted with the woman’s photo.  MORE



20 Comments on Female Author Loses Book Deal for Tweet-Shaming Black Transit Worker

  1. I love Instant Karma! I have worked with so many of these types (mostly women) who are major “bossy boots” who like to come down hard on those committing minor infractions. Oh, but it completely different when they are caught themselves – cue the fake tears.

  2. I can’t imagine giving a fuck what somebody else is doing … but then, that’s just me. Guess my shit’s too thick to worry about someone else’s.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. She shouldn’t have been eating. As an employee of MTA, she knew better. No eating on any public rides, as the signs do say.
    Authorette was within her rights to call employee out for eating.
    Then, authorette could have just taken a pic and forwarded it to the MTA (haha, I know, they don’t care) or mention it on twitter, (without the picture) as a ‘people annoy me’ post, and then left it at that.

    Anyway, long story short, both of them are assholes, lefties are fighting, so I’m not going to stand in their way.

  4. When I see “minority writer” in the first sentence my antenna go right up.
    Putting “minority writer” up front sez: “I am a registered Victim. You must listen to me!”. Spare me the bullshit lady. Try doing something relevant!
    Save “Minority Writer” for a bad Beatles cover band to perform in front of a few drunks!

  5. The problem with libtards in general – their life is so poor and with no real substance that they feel compelled to bag on people that are productive, busy, and otherwise content.
    Maybe that worker’s life is so busy, on the way to work is the only time she has for breakfast, but then, critical thinking and common sense goes along with all the other deficiencies the left seems to consider worthy .
    She should go find & confront some gate jumpers that steal their fare; like to see how far she gets with that.

  6. I rode on Metrobusses back in the “ancient times” and people weren’t supposed to eat, drink, smoke dope, shoot up, or rape passengers – but they did.
    Not WMATA employees (specifically) but in general.

    Drivers stared straight ahead when “bro” got on through the back (exit only) door – and when some refused to pay (tokens or transfer slips).

    Preferred to drive, but parking always sucked.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Fawn Hall, Oliver North’s secretary was cited and fined for eating a banana in a metro station.

    I have lived in the DC area all my life and ridden the Metro since ’88 and it is true: There are two standards, one for everyone else, and one for black people, whether passenger or employee. And they are shameless in their execution.

  8. Fascists are everywhere. Can you imagine if they get power? All those college students with social justice degrees are going to have government jobs controlling EVERY facet of common peoples’ lives.

  9. Was it necessary and beneficial to give that woman a hard time? I hardly think so. Was that woman a saint? I hardly think so.

  10. As Firesign Theater might say it today:
    I guess we are all just Offensive, Racist, Fascist, Homophobic, iSlamophobic, Xenophobic, Deplorable Deniers and Misogynistic Bozo’s on this bus!

  11. It could have been worse, like that man pushed off the bus for telling a black woman to “be nice.”

  12. ‘Minority Writer’

    In other words, she writes thinly veiled autobiography about her tiny, cross-cultural adjustment struggles. Usually nothing more than diaries written at the 11th grade level. All of the publishing world has to roll out the red carpet for it or else they are racist. Literary fiction has been murdered outright by the ‘minority mafia.’ We all are forced to read their diaries as they crawl around in their own butt and present their ‘vibrant, authentic struggles.’

  13. I think MJA said it best: leftists fighting amongst themselves. Step back and enjoy the show.

    It reminds me of a disemboweled hyena, snapping at it’s own Greezy entrails

  14. Meh, her female dystopian novel was cancelled. GOOD!
    I would have ignored the woman eating unless she threw food at me.


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