Female ISIS Recruiter is a Journalism Student Living in Seattle – IOTW Report

Female ISIS Recruiter is a Journalism Student Living in Seattle


This is highly disturbing. A high-ranking female with ISIS is a journalism student who lives in Seattle.

No, not Seattle, Iraq. Not Seattle, Syria, either. Seattle, Washington!

On April 28, a high-ranking female ISIS officer with more than 8,000 followers on Twitter and primarily tasked with recruiting women to join the terror group was identified by Channel 4 Newsas a journalism student in her early 20s living in Seattle.

The now suspended Twitter handle “@_UmmWaqqas” reportedly belongs to Rawdah Abdisalaam, although it was not confirmed that she is the sole account user, Channel 4 Newsreports.


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  1. Soon to be working with Val & Barry.

    Thanks again Libs

  2. No biggee here in Seattle – she’ll fit right in.

    She can live on Capitol Hill where the anarchists live and simply walk down the hill to riot in downtown like they did last week on May Day.

    And we won’t hear a peep from the Seattle Times: When Fast and Furious and Benghazi were supposed to be front page news you couldn’t find an article about them – for months the paper was all about the glamour and glitz of the male editor’s upcoming same-sex marriage. Our gay mayor was all drooling and giddy.

    Trivial matters like terrorism are just another pain in their ass (pun intended).

  3. @Loco: Looks more like the line to model the Spring offering of Hefty brand trash bag wear…

    ; }

  4. I gotta think recruiting females from the Seattle area for ISIS would be a tough sell. Sure, you don’t have to shave your legs,make up is optional and you may be able to kill people, but….well, that’s about it.

    Being sold to a husband and then having to compete with a goat for his affections, as well as being essentially a slave (at least until you “volunteer” for a suicide mission) would seem to offset these advantages.

  5. One of those burqa babes has a larger eye slit than the others. Slut!!

  6. Who cares what happens in a
    North Korean suburb?

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