Female Muslim Activist Exposes Honor Killing Problem, Labeled Propagandist

“Islamophobia industry exploits the weakness of white liberal guilt.”

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TR: Canadian Muslim activist is receiving backlash for daring to speak about the violence many women face in the Islamic faith. And not only from members of her own community, but from the white liberal students at universities across America.

Raheel Raza has been visiting campuses to screen her controversial documentary, Honor Diaries (now on Netflix), about female genital mutilation, forced marriages, and other female subjugation within her faith, but not many of them have been open to the idea.

According to a report at The College Fix, several screenings were canceled last year as Raza contends with those brave hashtag activists who protest her presence using #DishonorDiaries to discourage viewing. They are helped by CAIR and Muslim Student Associations who say her film is “anti-Islam propaganda.”

But a conservative group at the University of Michigan exhibited true liberty by hosting a screening of the film on campus. The report explains:

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  1. Reality impacts SWJ/feminazi fantasy . . . . explosion in 3..2..1..

    When reality conflicts with your viewpoint, sane people re-evaluate their viewpoint – insane people will attempt to change reality to comply with their delusion.

    Any guesses as to which one the SJW/feminazi crowd will do?

  2. Those college femnazis will leap on a rape hoax like starving dogs but let a woman with real violence in her life come out against the Muslim culture and they hate her for being real.

    Progs are completely blind when it comes to their hypocrisy and lack of self-awareness. It’s a mental defect.

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