Feminist Speaks Against Transgender Ideology


“A man can never be a woman,” Natasha Chart told the crowd and the cameras. “A lesbian can never be male … I will not be forced to lie, I will not submit,” she said.

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  1. I’ve been saying this since this whole insane catering to trannies started. Their insanity will cause a schism between the L and the GBT because the more rights you give to trannies, the more you fuck over women, including (and perhaps especially) lesbians. It will definitely ruin women’s sports. There is literally nothing of value to lesbians to support the agendas of the batshit crazy trannies, who make mere gays and lesbians seem well adjusted and normal in comparison.


    But I will hire someone to make him submit
    (as long as they agree to split what’s in his wallet with me)

  3. Dammit LGBT activists – do something about this trouble making woman. We have a good thing going, and this Natasha Chart woman wants to shut it down. Male perverts have finally succeeded in gaining access to women’s locker rooms by pretending to identify as a woman. Men pretending to be lesbians trapped in a man’s body (that was an old joke 30 years ago) are now scoring the sex they had always had trouble getting. Guys without a prayer of making the men’s varsity team at either the high school or college level can now compete in women’s sports. And we are making money the old fashioned way – by preying on the mentally ill and emotionally troubled for fun and profit. We are doing all of this with the full support of progressives and our politically correct media.

    That’s the best part of all of this – we morally bankrupt male sociopaths not only do not have to worry about breaking the law or acting within centuries old societal norms; we are lauded as progressive heroes. We’re not breaking the rules – we are setting new rules which, while completely illogical, immoral and unscientific, are none-the-less….uh, new. Hey, if a man, Caitlyn Jenner, can be voted as a woman of the year, our horizons are definitely bright.

  4. This is one of many reasons why I don’t even try to keep track of what people identify as anymore. All I know is that the sammiches ain’t gonna make themselves.

  5. This whole transgendered thing is another plot of toxic masculinity designed to keep women subservient to me.


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