Finland to end its universal basic income program by year’s end

FOX: The Finnish government reportedly announced Tuesday that it will end the country’s universal basic income program by year’s end — and appears to be taking on new measures to cut benefits to those who do not actively seek employment.

Finland was considered the first European country to pay a monthly check of $685 to its unemployed between ages 25 and 58. It was considered a pilot program — serving 2,000 randomly selected jobless people — that its founders hoped to expand.

“It’s a pity that it will end like this,” Olli Kangas, who oversees the Finnish government agency that focuses on social welfare and helped design the program, told the New York Times.

“The government has chosen to try a totally different path,” Kangas said. “Basic income is unconditional. Now, they are pursuing conditionality.” MORE


48 Comments on Finland to end its universal basic income program by year’s end

  1. What country will Bernie have to reference now. Hence his new promise – $15 Federal jobs with healthcare for anyone that wants one!

  2. Shh, don’t tell Bernie yet, the idiot now wants to give everyone a gubmint job. Who the hell is gonna pay for that? And if we all worked a gubmint job would anyone really work or would there be a lot of overpaid gubmint slackers? And whites need not apply since all the supervisory jobs would be given to gubmint approved minorities.

  3. When Finland installed the program, it was admired as the “next big thing” – an advance in social progress… blah, blah, blah…
    Anyone with half a brain, rooted in reality and historical facts, would know that it was destined to fail. Glad the Finns cut the cord, before too much $$ bleeding down the drain.

  4. Bernie and his ilk will just say the Finns didn’t do it right. Bernie and friends will claim to do it properly and and it will be the best thing ever.

  5. MY Name is George J , I am writing concerning the broadcast on Sunday. The management and some of the readers accusing “Bob” of being racist. I am a black conservative American, not a black African. He is in now way a Racist, not an ounce. Bob is a friend of mine and neighbors for many years. He has no knowledge of me writing to you. I work in Quantico, VA. MJ one of the other people was quite BRUTAL!! In a way that person is more Educated than some of the people that make those comments about…All gave all…some gave all…none of you guys in this broadcast can walk in Bob’s miles. For MJ this is not the first time that I have read derogatory comments that you make before about Bob.
    Sincerely, George

  6. “George” must be good friends with Bob. As he shares the same sort of grammar mistakes, they undoubtedly have spent so much time together that their common use of language has begun to merge.

    That, or this is an astroturf.

  7. “He is in now way a Racist” hahahahahaha.

    Well, that’s grammatically incorrect. But, whatevs.
    Sure, Bob. Except for all those monkey, gorilla and chimp emojis you kept putting on your comments every time you wrote and complained about black people. You’re so dumb. And obvious. Obviously dumb. lol

  8. This is Jerry Manderin’s adopted third cousin twice-removed Jenna. I logged on to his computer without his knowledge. Jerry is not fooled that GEORGE J and Africa Bob are two different people. And Jerry is in no way homophobic. He just thinks lusty man butt love is disgusting. They’d say the same thing about his sexual preference.

  9. Just so you know, BOB GEORGE J, google translate doesn’t do a very good job deciphering a foreign language into English. You’re either going to have to buy Rosetta Stone or get hooked on phonics.

  10. Cory Bookers platform…..but no, your brand of socialism will work, asshat – right along with gun confiscation.

  11. Hang on a minute. Are you saying that we give people money to do nothing, they tend to actually do nothing? Gee, how were we supposed to know?

  12. George,
    I am the editor of this broadcast, and I’ve already looked at this as if I walked in his miles.

    I’m not concerned if Bob is a racist or not. My concern is that when a reader sends in a picture to their fellow patriots as a “get to know me” warm gesture, so we can bond as a community, another reader should not insult that person.

    Part of the fun is to “guess the reader.” When one reader guessed “Africa Bob,”, Bob got insulted and said, “maybe your husband or wife!” and then the follow up, “not even my ass looks like that picture.”

    When Bob was asked to explain what was meant by this he was unwilling to do so, and then resorted to pretending to be lost in the fog of communication skills.

    Neither is acceptable.
    Until Bob can explain what his comments meant it will be difficult to be accepted back into the fold.

    It’s not impossible, we are a forgivable lot. But we also have long memories and it’s easy to remember that Bob refused to apologize.

    This is unnecessary drama, and on a scale of importance it’s a 2 at best. But if it’s a 10 for Bob, and it’s important to be a part of the site, he should return and explain his comment and then apologize.
    Short of that, no amount of testimonials from friends will do the trick.
    It’s an easy fix. The ball is in Bob’s court.

  13. Sic ‘im, MJA. So tired of all the vulgar, illiterate, and/or off-topic posts. Africa Bob picked the wrong iotw’r to declare war on.

  14. I yam what I yam and that’s all that I yam! I’m Jorge the African man! *toot toot!!*

  15. And I believe the quote is “All gave some, some gave all”. And how does one “walk in someone’s miles”? Did you perhaps mean “walk a mile in Bob’s shoes”?

  16. To river life-Callie you call me a illiterate but I can read. I also always say that English wasn’t my first language I speak different language. So you can’t insult me with that.

  17. Lady Gun 12 my friend didn’t want to put personal stuff her so he just put yes none of you can’t walk in my shoes .

  18. BFH God is my witness my good friend and neighbor wrote the note because of what happened, I was not going to come to the site until Friday after work or Saturday. But reading some of this I decided to reply and never come back to this site . I will be replying to some of the people that make comments about it and after today I will not be in this site no more. I love the people here to me it didn’t matter that some people call me illiterate .

  19. To MJA you call me Moran,bitch, when I didn’t write the note I work I’m in the road before 7:00 am Monday-Friday yes monkey and gorilla I use that word a lot on mooch

  20. Snowball the sourpuss. Toot Toot I don’t think so. But can tell you that not one of you in this site can walk in my shoes.

  21. MJA you think that you insult me by saying the way I write . You didn’t because I always said that English wasn’t my first language and I speak different language.

  22. BFH I one day If’s I have the opportunity to find out the name of the Lady. I will call her or write her my self and tell her exactly what that means. I can assure you that the lady will come back and tell you guys that she was LOL after I tell her what that means. Because is nothing bad but I’m not bringing that no more because today is my last day in this site I will not come back.

  23. MJA I’m not taking hard what you say. Like a said that you never can walk in my shoes so calling me bitch Moran will not break me. I’m a strong person .

  24. MJA Google translate doesn’t do a good job deciphering a foreign language in to English or get a Rosetta Stone or a hooked on phonics . So know who is the racist making fun of someone that the first language isn’t English. Like I said you can’t walk in shoes .

  25. I’m not asking I’m begging someone that lives in in state to meet with me any place that you like the only thing I ask is to please bring a bible . I want to have that bible to put my hands on its when I’m telling that person that I didn’t write that note this morning .it was my friend and he also my neighbor. God is my witness. I didn’t write that note.

  26. Bob,
    You are missing the central theme here.

    The IP of George is not your IP. I knew that when I addressed you. It doesn’t matter. This isn’t about whether you wrote this morning’s comment, and don’t try to make it about that.

    This was about your comment and your inability to apologize for it.
    I’m not giving you her email address.
    But I can give you mine with the promise that I will forward it to her.
    That’s the best I can do.

    No one is questioning your patriotism. No one is questioning that you are passionate about how much you despise leftists.
    It is obvious considering all the links you’ve put in posts over the last few months. You read a lot and you know the issues.

    This is about insulting a reader. You did that. You won’t accept that you did that. You won’t apologize for doing it.

    That’s the only problem we are having right now.

    You are not required to apologize. And you are not being banned for not apologizing.
    The only consequence is how you will be treated going forward.
    Maybe some people will have lost respect for you, maybe some won’t care.

    It’s your choice what you want to do.
    It’s a free country.
    But others are free to think what they are going to think.

    I don’t hate you. I’m not mad. I’m disappointed. If you want to be an ambassador for conservative values I would suggest publicly apologizing for making a dumb comment about a fellow conservative.
    You’re acting like a leftist (which is the worst thing I can think of to call someone.)

  27. BFH did you read MJA comments to me about the way I write, and mocking me to get a Rosetta etc that is the person that works with you. Also like I said if I had a opportunity to talk to the lady about my comments I will call her my self or write her my self. I’m sure that when I tell her what that means she will be lol to. You are explaining this to me you need to talk to MJA for the nasty notes that she wrote to me today mocking someone that English isn’t his first language. I never said that English was my first language I always said that I love America with all my heart and came to the USA the right way. I’m a proud conservative person that loves America. And a God . Also none of you guys have no idea what that means. Also note have you can’t walk in my shoes. And I mean none of you. And no disrespect I don’t mean money or material stuff. When my friend put some gave some some gave all this is me not taking about material stuff or money. Every Saturday, Sunday I go to this beautiful place that open 365 day . This is life no pity God love me and I love god and believe him god a 100 💯 percent. And he didn’t give something that I could handle. . With out me putting what I mean because I don’t need no pity from no one.. don’t worried I just replying to the notes but after today you guys don’t have to worried about me coming back no more. . Believe I love you guys no matter how some of you including MJA mocking my writing. Yes I make comments about mooch calling her monkey that is about how I feel about mooch and Hussein you don’t know the pain that this person personally casts me.

  28. BFH I come to this website and other because I love talking about conservative stuff and to escape the pain that Hussein did to me . Like I said I will not come to you website no more to all the people that was offended for me saying shit or fuc with out saying the complete word . I ask you guys if you never said bad word.

  29. Bob,
    If my comment was one you refer to? I am not mad at you. If you mistake the snark and lampooning here to be based on race you are wrong. Equal ridicule for all that deserve it.
    Comments can sometimes be read in multiple ways.
    That is part of the fun. If you now understand why some objected, great. The way you phrased it was wrong and I objected. If I misread your intent, then that is on me. I harbor no ill.

    Am using the same nick only as a reference and not as a comment on anything now.

  30. Bob,

    I believe you when you say you are a conservative and you love this country.
    No one is challenging you on that.
    And no one is asking for you to leave.

    That’s your decision to make.
    Still, the central issue is that you said something very odd about an innocent person, something that everyone saw as an insult.
    I’m not sure how you could explain “not even my ass looks like that picture,” unless you are saying that you have a spectacular ass and not even your ass is as beautiful as the lovely girl we posted.

    Is that what you meant?
    Okay, we’ll go with that. You were complimenting her.


    May your conscience be your guide moving forward.

  31. Hey, Africa Bob. This is America not Africa. You can’t distinguish a patriot from an enemy by the level of their tan here. As you know I was one of your earliest supporters. Ya fucked up. It’s a mark of a man to admit it, apologize, and move on. You need to apologize to 99th and maybe MJA. Man up, do the right thing and you will be shocked at the reaction.
    If I were you I’d look ad the big picture and learn from it. I’m waiting to see some man shit.

  32. Bob,

    First of all I am maybe one of two people who have been previously banned. What I did I know was wrong. There was a reader posting site not too far back called the Bullpen. During the republican primaries I posted something that was against the site itself because I was dumb at that moment and I made a mistake, a misstep during some heated primary discussions here. Many heated disagreements were with Mr. Pinko, who today, I love. Rightfully, BFH banned me because he opened up the Bullpen for readers to share their views and news links and not to circumvent the trust that he has placed on the reader’s and those who post on this site.

    Like you, Bob, I then realized how much BFH’s site was actually a part of my life that was so special, that I wanted to keep it. But it was for the reason that I understood that _I_ was wrong that I sent a private email to BFH, apologizing and explaining why.

    Upon this story (thread), I went back to Sunday’s discussion, Bob. What you wrote cannot be translated any differently than how you wrote it. Sometimes we need to decide what is more important, our pride, or our reconciliation to the ones we love. It appears that you are of Middle Eastern heritage and that may be a hard thing for a man to swallow there. But let me tell you, it is no different here, and admitting wrong is not considered a bad thing amongst friends and family in Western culture.

    It appears that BFH has laid out an olive branch to you. That is actually more than he did for me. He is a great guy. Just a regular guy running a website for those with same principles.

    One of those principles is accountability. The follow-up is forgiveness.

    P.S.: I don’t think that MJA did anything wrong by going full-boar on you. You did not adhere to our western admit/forgiveness structure as I described above. This is our society and we are forgiving when you want to truly be forgiven.

  33. Patriots come in all colors and backgrounds, so do adversaries. You’ve got to figure out who you are. One more thing, most of us don’t like someone picking on MJA. Don’t ask me why, that’s just the way it is.

  34. And I don’t mean picking on MJA because she can’t take care of herself, just the opposite. She, along with most of us are on the same team, at least I think we are.

  35. As a very good friend of mine who happens to be an Asian immigrant and now a proud CONSERVATIVE American Citizen likes to say in jest…ENGRISH IS HARD!


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