Finnish economist: “I am telling you people that the situation in Europe is much worse than many understand” – IOTW Report

Finnish economist: “I am telling you people that the situation in Europe is much worse than many understand”

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So I saw this tweet from Murtaza Hussain of The Intercept:

If you turned the electricity off for a few months in any developed Western society 500 years of supposed philosophical progress about human rights and individualism would quickly evaporate like they never happened.

It reminded me of my post on January 25, 2022, “There are only nine meals between mankind and anarchy, in which I tracked down the source of the phrase:

I thought it might be one of those phrases that really had no provable attribution, but nope, I found it in the digitized archives of Cosmopolitan maintained by various universities, in the March 1906 issue in an article titled, The Day of Discontent.

I downloaded the full article  into a pdf, so you can read the whole thing. You’re welcome. They were talking about troubles of the time, social discontent, part of which related to food but also the rise of socialism. It’s worth a read because so much parallels current problems.

But, it appears the saying may not be original to the Cosmopolitan discussion. The phrase was used by Lewis in the New York Journal in 1896 (pdf.):

“the only barrier between us and anarchy is the last nine meals we’ve had. It may be taken as axiomatic that a starving man is never a good citizen.”


16 Comments on Finnish economist: “I am telling you people that the situation in Europe is much worse than many understand”

  1. Apparently, Europe needs to go away:

    Meanwhile, China burns coal at record rates to produce electricity.

    Can we smell the Communists that have taken over the United Nations? They really think the Western world is stupid enough to kill itself over alleged global warming.

    They may be right.

  2. And yet, no gas vehicles in California in a few years, but all the EV’s you can afford to buy. Irony, is that you aren’t allowed to charge them up. Lol. Perfect utopia.

    Do you know what Californians used before Candles?


  3. Western Europe’s pretty much a cesspool, anyway, so what’s the complaint?

    They’ve allowed themselves to be overrun with izlamic rats, they’ve aborted their own chirren, and they’ve embraced nihilism.

    Any culture which refuses to defend itself isn’t fit to survive (and won’t) – and Europe’s been embarked on suicide for generations. Europeans have passively enslaved themselves to the Globaloney Bullshit Agenda.

    Well, bye.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  4. I’m not sure what this cat is trying to imply other than Westerners somehow lucked out with electricity… I dunno, but what I do know is that Western society was civilized and advanced long before electricity was discovered and apparently people like M. Whosane are jealous of that fact! We are innovative and can figure out way out or around problems instead of stoning people who dare think outside the box! Put that in yer hooka and smoke it cave man!

  5. @Cynic
    You are correct,nuclear power plants are the cleanest most “eco” friendly and reliable way to supply electrical power. The ecoweenies are completely against it as it actually works. Apparently no entity in the US actually knows how to build them anymore. The GA power monopoly has been trying to build the only one being constructed in the US for decades, causing power prices to multiply due to construction delays and price overruns. Nuclear is the real green power for electricity and we don’t even know how to build it anymore.

  6. wonky honky – in the early 70s we (my friends and I) talked about electric vehicles and came to the same conclusion – Centralized Nuclear power was the way to go. We also realized that the grid was in no way up to the task! Funny how these same conversations are coming back around a half a century later!
    Now 50 years later Modular Nuclear community power may be right around the corner, but either way it puts the lie to enviro-weenies who were hell-bent to eliminate nuclear.

  7. Radioman can design a series of medium to small
    ultra clean ultra efficient natural gas power plants
    for TX. & LA. Then those 2 states could power vast
    portions of 5 other states. Never happen.

  8. A buddy of mine who lives in Germany shipped his wife and kids to NY City to stay with her sister for the school year. He is an Army contractor and can stay on base where it will be warm.

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  10. Anonymous,
    That’s the most lucid and cogent comment you’ve made in a long time. See, if you stay off politics you make a bit of sense – though I’m still a little put off by “I have even produced $19,570 only …”

    Keep it up buddy.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  11. Cynic September 12, 2022 at 4:46 pm

    I seriously doubt what I’m about to say, but maybe this will wake up those morons and they will turn to nuclear power to maintain their society.

    It takes about 5 years to build a nuclear power plants vs 2 years to build a natural-gas fired power plant. We don’t have 5 years, and thankfully PG&E didn’t shut down Diablo Canyon – the process was started though. Newsome told PG&E to keep it going and don’t charge your EV’s. 🙂


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