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Fiorina Drops Out

Carly Fiorina has just announced that she is dropping out of the Presidential race tonight. That makes two today, including Chris Christie.

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  1. I liked her.

    Unfortunately the knuckleheads who managed her campaign had her disappear between debates.

    Just stupid.

  2. Rumor has it that she’s stealing away to Canada with Vermin Supreme.

  3. I’m a little surprised by this one, she just came out with a passionate, strongly-worded statement last week saying she was in it for the long haul and WAS NOT dropping out. Did she run out of money, or maybe strike a deal with Trump or Cruz?

  4. To bad. She could go after Hitlary like no other.

  5. I was thinking the same thing Brad.
    She needs to campaign for whoever wins the republican nomination.
    Or perhaps a VP choice?

  6. I like her. She was an intelligent presence and made a lot of good points.
    Too bad she was not able to stand out from the other Dwarves.
    This is Trump’s election.
    But lots of appointed senior positions are soon to become vacant where she could serve her country well.

  7. She always has something to say worth hearing.

    I hope she doesn’t disappear.

  8. She had some good points, however, was a complete Muslim apologist.

  9. She was more articulate and clear spoken than most of those guys. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of her.

  10. I have to disagree that she would have been good against Hillary.

    First of all, they BOTH have vaginas.
    MEANING: their one most cogent “talking point” is moot. Take it away (please!), and they have nothing to offer.

    Hillary has – if no longer the energy and intensity – the ability to kill, metaphorically (and…ahem…otherwise). Snarly, in comparison, comes across as whiny and weak.

    Good news that the herd is thinning.

  11. Unfortunately NH didn’t drive a stake through YEB’s heart; now we still have to suffer through his BS. Rush called it; Fox was treating his 10% (or whatever it was) like a major victory!

  12. That up top is the nicest picture of Carly I’ve seen yet.
    Hillz was NEVER pretty.

  13. I felt the campaign widely rocking for a few moments.

    Musta been when Cristie stepped off the boat.

  14. Two dhimmi islamopanderers out in one day. Woohoo! Now if only Jeb! would leave. I have not met a single person who likes Jeb!

  15. Soft on islime, soft on the global warming scam, no fall back for the lay offs at HP. Very polished, of course, but high end corporate training in presentations, public speaking etc. can do that.

  16. So the people who were really never in it are dropping out.

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