Firefox is this year’s Darwin Award winner

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DonSurber: In March 2014, Mozilla — parent company of Firefox — hired Brendan Eich as its CEO, only to publicly humiliate him and force him to resign over a $1,000 donation to the Proposition 8 effort, a 2008 ballot initiative a majority of Californians supported. Three board members also resigned.

Now Mozilla is in trouble, because of a boycott (I stopped using Firefox) and the vacuum in leadership left by his departure.

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  1. but the best news is that Surber’s books are available for free on Kindle (if you hurry) I just downloaded them both.(links in the story)

  2. X2 on pale moon. Works like the old firefox before they ruined it and it has more privacy settings than FF. Just do some google-fu and find the tweaks to improve your privacy.

    Runs on Android too. Many of the FF plugins work on Pale Moon.

  3. I too dumped FF (spit! spit!) after hearing about the Eich disaster. I currently use Chrome, and keep IE on the side for those few sites that won’t work with Chrome. But I will have to look up Pale Moon and give them a try. And may FF (spit! spit!) go bankrupt and fall into the dustbin of browser history. Like Netscape Navigator (but for a different reason).

  4. Super Toe, it’s good to see I’m not the only Opera user over here. I’ve used it for 10 years. Still using the old 12.16 on Linux.

    Lots of people don’t know that Firefox is a bloated, ripped off back-engineered Opera Browser. Mozilla never innovated any feature of Firefox.

  5. The old build of Opera was great. I remember that Mozilla was a bloated version of Opera. I like the current version that I use now though. I never used Linux so I am not sure if the newest version of Opera is compatible.

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