First aid flows into Gaza over massive U.S. pier – IOTW Report

First aid flows into Gaza over massive U.S. pier


Trucks carrying humanitarian aid began moving ashore into Gaza Friday using a temporary pier built by the United States, delivering desperately needed supplies to the besieged Palestinian enclave.

The floating dock is part of a makeshift effort to stave off a possible famine in Gaza, where Israel’s military assault has shut off a number of crossings that are crucial for supplies of food, fuel and other aid.

Israeli forces pressed on with sweeping operations against Hamas in the north and south of the enclave, while the country’s lawyers defended its ground offensive in Rafah at the United Nations’ top court. more

18 Comments on First aid flows into Gaza over massive U.S. pier

  1. “Desperately needed supplies” is highly misleading. What’s really needed is to get rid of the thugs and crooks stealing the supplies that have been and are being sent in already. Specifically, wipe out Hamas.

  2. Imagine being the people conceiving, planning, orchestrating and performing these activities to destroy western civilization.
    From the top level conspirators, to the medium level planners and orchestrators, all the way down to to the low level workers, these people are bottom of the sludge tank scum of the earth, and evil to the core.

  3. This is truly WW3.
    It will take all of the will, energy and blood of true western civilization patriots to fight this evil. It is so deeply entrenched.
    It may actually be the end of the world as we know it, but we have to start fighting now! I just don’t know where I fit in.

  4. And was promptly attacked by Hamas.
    The response from Joe Biden’s soyboy infested administration?
    “We asked them not to attack it”
    They really think the group that burned women and children live, would listen.

  5. Biden/obama continues to supply arms, ammunition and food to Hamas.
    He’ll illegally import HAMAS Leadership to Michigan, Wisconsin or NYC in the FBI’s witness protection program.

  6. Meanwhile they proclaim to want to wipe out the Little Satan AND the Big Satan (that’s US)!
    From the river to the sea, across the ocean we’ll be free…
    to rape, rob, murder and torture!


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