FISA fallout: The ugly truth behind the Steele dossier

Former federal prosecutor Katie Cherkasky says ‘all Americans need to be concerned’ with how the FISA warrants were received since it puts our privacy at risk.

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  1. If Americans were concerned with secret courts ordering their extrajudicial killings, The United States would have ended a generation ago.

  2. In the very brief Comey statement shown here, Comey used the term “to my recollection” 3 distinct times. He knew he was lying and was trying to create “plausible deniability” by using the caveat “to my recollection” so that when the truth came out, he could claim that he wasn’t lying, just mistaken in his memory. What a corrupt piece of pig dung.

  3. Steele is still out free on the street, trying to sell his particular brand of packaged smears to the Limey Deep State. Maybe Boris will have him locked up for something, because the Limeys don’t have freedom of speech like us, and their government has greater leeway in dealing with smear merchants like Steele. Don’t let Steele into the US again, President Trump. If the Limeys can ban Mark Levin, we can ban Steele.

    And Bubba’s Brother, I saw that, too. Very careful to couch his lies as faulty memories. What an oily, lying puke.

  4. BB: funny how these highly intelligent people that we are supposed to trust can’t seem to remember what date Christmas falls on.

  5. “concerned’ with how the FISA warrants were received” but more concerned with how no firm action has been shown by those at the helm in Washington to see that it won’t and can’t be repeated without heads rolling off the block. Crickets on all fronts is telling.

  6. Parsing the muddled statements of a former FBI Director on FOX News with Chris Wallace

    “.. Again, it’s Comey saying the Steele Dossier was not central to getting the first warrant — it was merely part of a “broader mosaic” of evidence. Meanwhile, the IG said that its role was “central” to getting the initial warrant that was, eventually, renewed time and again…” .


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