Fitton: Benghazi May Be One Of The Reasons They Don’t Tell Us About ClintonEmails

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton: “We’ve got a big court hearing next week. A federal court judge granted Judicial Watch discovery in a Benghazi FOIA case because the judge suspected that maybe Benghazi was one of the reasons they weren’t telling us about the #ClintonEmails.”

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  1. If there is no punishment, there is no justice.
    I applaud the perseverance of Judicial Watch, and perhaps history can have the truth, but I am hoping and praying that those of us alive during those corrupt years are able to have Justice with the capital J.

  2. Either Barr isn’t able to get control of the criminals in the DOJ or he is one of them. So far all we’ve been getting is noise. At least JW gives us a thread to cling to.

  3. The FBI gave the green light to delete incriminating emails in immunity deals with Clinton staff.
    On the off chance she would be charged with obstruction, it was still the better option.

  4. Nothing is going to come of this, and I’d say it is because the average American just doesn’t really care about it.

  5. gin blossom – DOJ/FBI are full of slippery folks. Barr may be honest as the day is long, but he is walking on eggshells through a minefield laid in quicksand. IMHO

  6. It’s the graft they are covering up. The pay-to-play involves many people in the FBI. Mueller and Comey are as dirty as they come.

  7. That bitch is so fucking crooked. The establishment in both parties is trying to cover all this up because people will realize when it comes to light that Hillary was engaging in Standard Operating Procedure, i.e. Selling US foreign policy to the highest bidder rather than doing what was in the best interests of the US.

    I doubt a stupid cunt like Hillary could dream up this kind of corruption on her own. She just mimicked it brazenly and clumsily from people who were far better at it than she was.

  8. With all the immunity agreements passed out why aren’t there new interviews (can’t claim the fifth once immunized) asking for the names and the testimony against them, of every player involved in this sordid mess?

  9. My scenario is the attack was a very detailed and planned event and involved stinger missles deployed hoping to shoot down rescue attempts by helicopter. The commanders on the ground knew this and the White House had to quickly take charge of the narrative to the public why no rescue attempts were made until so many lives were lost. And how did they get their hands on the stingers is the key but we may never know all the actual facts. Having 2 senior commanders relieved as this went down is another story.

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