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Flakes On a Train

‘YOU NAZI BI**H!’; Lunatic On Train Goes Ballistic After Passengers Drink Coffee Without Masks; Ashley St. Clair Captures It All On Video

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  1. These lunatics will now be working for our corrupt government. And they’ll be armed.

    We need to secede, and start the talks NOW.

  2. In the coming unpleasantness, an awful lot of people are going to have to be put down.

    After the last few decades of 3rd world imports and these unhinged commies. I COULDN’T CARE LESS.

  3. Here is a win win. When a SJW puts a camera phone in your face, accidentally knock it to the ground and accidentally stomp it to oblivion. Then invest in Apple.

  4. Back in the eighties there was a Cleveland radio comedy team that did a feature every Thursday called “Knuckleheads in the News” where they read off the bizzarre stories in the news for the week. Now every day is Knuckleheads in the News, except that it’s serious as a heart attack!

  5. The HuffPo Ho calling the other woman is insane. Nazi is German shorthand for National SOCIALIST, the far-leftwing political party that ran Germany into ground from 1933-1945

    NASDP Nationale Arbeiter Socialistiche Deutsche Partei – Natl German Workers Socialist Party

  6. This is why I find “social distancing” a comfort.
    My MD asked if I was having any problems with the guidelines, I told her it was like Wednesday, not a problem for me.
    The misanthrope in me finds comfort where it can.


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