Fleeing the Trudeau Regime. An open plea for asylum to any country willing to take me – IOTW Report

Fleeing the Trudeau Regime. An open plea for asylum to any country willing to take me

It may (or may not) surprise you to learn that I am unvaccinated. Long-time readers of Karlstack would not be aware of this fact because I have never written anything about Covid or vaccines before — vaccination status is a private medical decision, and I try to not be vocal, preachy or smug about it. I also find this topic (Covid) very boring and overdone. I just want to move on with life.

The apparatchiks who sit in the Canadian parliament, however, refuse to let me move on with my life; they are dragging this out beyond any semblance of rationality, hence why I am writing this article. The libs have pushed me to my absolute breaking point.

‘You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.’

— Leon Trotsky

They still won’t let me board planes. They won’t let me board trains. They won’t let me cross borders. I am trapped here indefinitely in an open-air prison; I may as well be living in Eritrea. more

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  1. What are they worried about in Canada?

    They have free healthcare, if someone is spreading the new-flu, the people encountered by this person just need to go to the doctor and get fixed right up.

    Pretty simple. We are told over and over that the free healthcare for all is the way to go.

  2. I sailed to my friend’s beach the other day. Have not seen him and his family in three years. Nice visit and I mentioned I should just leave the boat and start walking and leave justines commie utopia behind. My buddy said “wrong border” they will get you and send you back.

  3. Hunter MAY 16, 2022 AT 8:06 PM: Free heath care in canada? Now that is some comedy right there my friend. Got to hand it to you, you almost had me. Got a key board full of bourbon to clean up.

  4. Hunter,
    Re: Free Health care

    The average cost TO a Family of 4 in Ontario as of 2018 for health care is $12,935/ year.

    PRE-tax, billed to you BEFORE you get your paycheck.
    It IS NOT FREE, you just do not see the actual bill as it is DEDUCTED from your Gross Income.

    Source: The Fraser Institute .Org Sept 27/2018

    However, You Are FREE to wait in the hallway while the Doctors Hit on the Nurses & the Nurses yell at the patients. (before COOF)

    Now it is just a complete shit show of mostly empty hospitals except for Coof Floors.

  5. Huron, I also prefer Bourbon.

    Crown Royal is too sweet for me.

    Cheers, Leafs Suck!

    Watching the Jays. You can count on them.

  6. He said Tam was uglier than Fauci. I thought, hyperbole, understandable in a prisoner describing a sub-warden, then I saw her.

  7. “An open plea for asylum to any country willing to take me”

    Careful what you wish for, there are a number of shit countries that support this regime.

  8. Karl, you whiny pile of frozen great white north polar bear turds.

    You either get off your ass and do something about your country or you get off your ass and leave your country.

    Go ahead, find excuses to continue to live in your comfort swaddled prison. Tell everyone how you can’t do shit about your life. None of this is your fault, right?

    Meanwhile our country gets inundated with 10s of thousands of illegal immigrants EVERY DAY. Never hear those people bitching about how much they had to risk to get here.

  9. Just walk in over our southern border. It’s all the rage now. We’ll even toss in a free case of baby formula and bus tickets for a midnight ride to some conservative city.

  10. That’s the 3,976th time you guys have butt-fucked me dry!
    I’m starting to get pissed off!

    ONE more time and I’ll … I’ll … I’ll get angry!

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