Florida Governor Follows West Virginia in Pulling State Funds from Blackrock Over ESG Investing – IOTW Report

Florida Governor Follows West Virginia in Pulling State Funds from Blackrock Over ESG Investing

CTH: West Virginia Treasurer Riley Moore lead the way earlier this year in removing Wall Street financial firms from holding state funds due to ‘Environmental, Social and Governance’ or ‘ESG’ climate change ideology driving investment decisions.

West Virginia had been the tip of the spear since early 2021 {link} removing Blackrock in January of 2022, and even removed banking contracts from multiple investment firms during the battle and asked other states to join in the effort {link}.

Today, Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis announced the DeSantis administration would be following the lead from West Virginia. MORE

7 Comments on Florida Governor Follows West Virginia in Pulling State Funds from Blackrock Over ESG Investing

  1. Black Rock!!!! Sounds so American. Show Down at Black Rock. A Tuff Afternoon At Black Rock. And reality is it’s the CCP establishing dominance on our real estate.
    So I’m not crying over A Bad Day At Black Rock.

  2. If the AG’s of dozen or so states can cite fiduciary negligence owing to Blackrock’s investments in pro-“climate change” interests, thereby working against the interests of those states and their stake-holding pensioners, why, then, couldn’t an enterprising AG cite the same offenses by the Federal gov’t regarding the collection and spending of taxes in ways which work against the interests of American taxpayers? And the same could be specifically said for the funding, investment and disbursement of Social Security funds.

  3. Down a rabbit hole:

    The Biden family has taken it’s cut of taxpayer investment money (taxes) in its various deals made with foreign gov’ts like China and Ukraine. How is the Biden family not like FTX in this regard?

  4. Curious . . .
    Did I or did I not, and this applies to you too,
    See BlackRock commercials airing on Fox?

    Which leads me to some other things one can’t help but notice in these TV times. What the heck is up with ‘their’ advertising loops on all channels. It’s is very noticeable if you pay as much attention to the commercials they run (or re-run). Very telling about things.

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    All the Above is just the commercials
    Wait until you get to the content


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