Florida: Homeless couple busted for having sex in front of minor

Daily News: They put the sex in sexagenarian — and cops put them in jail.

A 60-year-old Florida man and his 70-year-old girlfriend were arrested for having public sex in Clearwater, Fla. last week. The al fresco moment between Susan Roscillo and Robert Kellogg played out in front of a 12-year-old child, according to a Pinellas County arrest affidavit filed Thursday. The presence of a kid led to both silver foxes being charged with felony lewd and lascivious exhibition. — Stop here if you don’t want the details. LOL!

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  1. They say love is blind…

    Bill Clinton “I’d hit that! Oh come to think of it, I already have.”

    Hey it is Florida man and Florida woman in their natural habitat!

  2. Sure, have sex in front of ONE minor an it’s a crime…have sex in front of a whole classroom of minors and it’s called sex education.

  3. “The graphic report stated that Roscillo, who has a cherry tattoo on her left ankle, was massaging Kellogg in an erotic fashion and that they had intercourse too.”

    “Kellogg confessed to the dirty deed, according to cops, who described his septuagenarian partner as “extremely uncooperative” as she “continued to scream” she wanted a lawyer.”

    She was “massaging him in an erotic fashion”, but she was “uncooperative”??? What, she wasn’t massaging fast enough for him?

  4. I was told years ago to never drink the water in the Tampa Bay area. Having worked with quite a few people from the area in the past, I now know why.


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