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Florida Law Enforcement Opposes Open Carry

… Just Not Coherently.


Florida law enforcement, you need to buy a clue.

Groups representing Florida sheriffs and police officers came out this week in opposition to a controversial legislative proposal that would allow anyone with a concealed weapons permit to openly carry their guns statewide.

Law enforcement representatives say Senate Bill 300 / House Bill 163 would restrict the ability of officers to ensure public safety and the bills fail to include enhanced training and requirements for the holstering and handling of openly carried weapons, among other concerns.

Let’s stop right there, kids.

The holstering and handling of a firearm carried on a OWB (outside the waistband) holster is dead-simple in comparison to any known concealed carry method, which involves removing one or more covering garments to first access the firearm, and then reversing the process to reholster the firearm to conceal it once more.

If they doubt this, I can point the Florida Fraternal Order of Police and the Florida Sheriffs Association towards the sort of competent firearms instructors they don’t apparently employ.


7 Comments on Florida Law Enforcement Opposes Open Carry

  1. Once again, the LEO LEADERSHIP comes out in opposition to relaxing firearms carry laws; pretty sure the average deputy / officer supports it.

    And wouldn’t you rather walk into a room and know who was carrying and who wasn’t?

  2. The substantial majority of that LEO LEADERSHIP consists of politicians and bureaucrats who are through-and-through pro-govt-power collectivists and who believe that we mundanes are their subjects. Please do not forget that even though there are a few honorable exceptions.

  3. It’s the Federal government’s JOB to protect the Constitutional rights of Americans,

    Not to change the kind of light bulbs we use, the way our electricity is generated, the health insurance we buy, the way our children are educated just protect our rights!

    EVERY state and municipality that “infringes the peoples’ right to bear arms” should be brought to heal and penalized.

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