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Florida man gets shocking $30,000 quote to replace electric vehicle’s battery

Wa Ex:

A Florida man learned his electric vehicle needs a new battery — at the price of nearly $30,000.

The replacement estimate from Roger Dean Chevrolet in Cape Coral, Florida, began to circulate on social media last week, with many questioning its legitimacy. The dealership confirmed the quote, however, noting that the estimate was for a Chevrolet Volt, which carries heftier costs due to its older technology.

“This is an estimate for a 12 year old vehicle out of warranty and for a battery that is extremely hard to get, due to the older technology of the 12 year old vehicle,” Roger Dean Chevrolet commented on Facebook in an attempt to set the record straight. “The dealership does not set battery prices.” more

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  1. That’s a start but a shocking jolt of reality is not likely open the mind of a liberal. Working hard to stay stupid is expensive. This loser is emotional, certainly not logical.

  2. So, now he’s stuck with a worthless inoperable car. This isn’t the first guy I heard about who got a battery sticker shock. Take the $30,000 and buy a new gas guzzling vehicle. Being a goody-two-shoes didn’t get you very far – you failed to flatten the curve, looks like Chevy sent this guy for a ride down a dead end. When there’s no power to charge your EV, better have a good pair of walking shoes available.

  3. Send the bill to Barry Sotero, Martha’s Vinyard. He’s the genius that blew up GM and had them trot out this POS. I remember the press conference with the little purple lipped homo posing behind the wheel.

  4. Oh, heck … wait till he discovers that water’s wet!

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  5. You’re right Col. that shit stain is here to stay.

  6. Liberals don’t own cars, they only bitch about YOU needing to own them!

  7. Chevy Vault, because you better have a lot of money in the vault if you by one.

  8. $30,000 is mere walk-around money for the evil bastards that constantly try to force this shit on the world.

  9. Washington leadership is clueless at what they are doing. Blind leading the sheep over the cliff, lets tag along like good little fools.

  10. It’s worth $8,000 at 12 years old on the low end of the article.
    I don’t even see the point of the story.

    You generally would not put $5,000 in repairing a 12 year old Malibu, so why would you this Jackass even think about a new battery in a smaller shittier Volt/Bolt?


  11. How much to have them put it down? Sorry, I mean recycle it.

  12. All these little problems with EVs are red herrings, bla bla, misdirection and dissembling. The fact is, when the ‘transition’ to all electric vehicles is complete YOU won’t be driving one, unless you’re a member of the elite or sub elite (their minions).

    How many major new electric power generating stations have come on line in your state this year? How many are under construction? How many are completing the permitting process? The planning process?

    The fact that there is no crash program of electrical infrastructure improvements currently underway is a DEAD GIVEAWAY! Most people aren’t going to be driving anything at all. California just asked people not to charge their EVs as the grid won’t handle it, and that’s with EVs being maybe one to two percent of the automobiles driven in the ‘golden shithole’.

    The objective is to remove your personal transportation, period. What powers EV batteries? Electricity primarily made using fossil fuels. The watermelons (green on the outside, communist red on the inside) could give a crap about the environment, they seek only power over the individual and eliminating personal transportation goes a long way to increase their power over YOU.

  13. If my vehicle gets long in the tooth I can always scrap it and still get some coin.
    I imagine if you try to scrap an electric car you will have to pay them to take it due to hazardous waste disposal fees, if you can even find anyone willing to deal with it.

  14. Maybe he should take out a student loan to help cover it!

  15. You can’t just abandon it along the road…it’s hazardous waste!

  16. Drop it by the dealer then move out of state.

  17. Rich people don’t drive 12 year old vehicles unless they’re worth seven figures. Report that clunker stolen and park it in the canal.

  18. He needs to take it to the nearest landfill or gravel pit and strap 30 kilos of TNT to it like the guy in Finland did with his EV in a similar situation and blow it to smithereens. Fire in the hole!

  19. Put it up on blocks in your yard. Problem solved.

  20. Believe me, The EV thing is Peanuts compared to what will happen when they eliminate Natural Gas Heating and force Heat Pumps on everyone.

    By far the worst way to Heat your home ever & the most Break Down Prone system available. I’ve been HVACing it for 35 years and we all hate them.

  21. I wonder how much the Meijer (as in Pete) corp/family is getting in government kickback.
    They just put in 12 Tesla charging stations in the parking lot of one of their stores near me.
    For a town that can’t even manage to keep lights on when there is a rain shower, I expect we are going to over load a fuse or two.

  22. Kcir,

    Have one… I keep a run capacitor on hand at all times now. They do still work all the way down to 0 deg/F these days, which is kind of interesting from a tech standpoint. But what they don’t tell you is they have to do a “thaw” cycle before providing heat at those temps, to shed any ice on the coil. When the grid goes down like what happened here in ’21, an entire neighborhood of heat pumps starting “thaw” at the same time creates a monster feedback loop!


  23. Could probably send it to a custom shop and put in a real engine/trans for $10k.

    That you own one, shows you aren’t serious about transportation, so, yeah, world’s smallest violin plays for you…

  24. The government and Globalists want to limit our mobility which is going to have deadly consequences. If an earthquake or tornado hits with no warning…better get out of the way quick. If you haven\’t charged your EV because doing so is too expensive or the electric grid is overwhelmed, tough beans.

    Also, our treasured mobility is something the envos and Globalists hate because it affects their desire to control everything.

  25. KR

    100% correct.

    Now Imagine how many times they go through a “DEFROST CYCLE” in the Northern States or Canuckistan.


    At that point you are SPINNING your ELECTRICITY METER LIKE CRAZY COOLING & HE-HEATING the inside air at the same time in MOST CASES.

    2nd major issue: is that you are using that compressor Summer & Winter and tripling the wear & tear.

    3rd: The world is full of incompetent Jackasses. You need a few more brains to diagnose & repair heat pumps than regular AC, Gas, Propane, Oil. Good luck finding enough competent SERVICE people stupid enough to to pick HVAC as a trade.

    Installing is the easy part. Keeping then going is the challenge. (esp with no parts & aluminum Coils (formerly copper)

    Cheers, nice to hear from you.
    I just hate to see people get cheated & robbed.


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