Florida Man Hides From Cops Underwater

Gets Nabbed Coming Up For Air.

Authorities in Florida were not impressed with a suspect who tried to evade capture. Police went to serve a warrant for 36-year-old Daniel Christopher Booth at his job when he ran off. 

10 Comments on Florida Man Hides From Cops Underwater

  1. I’m considering getting tattoos all over my body in case I ever need to go into hiding it will be harder to identify me. And you’re supposed to find a hollow reed to let you breathe while staying submerged. How the hell does NASA find rocket scientists in Florida? I’m assuming they have to hire out of state.

  2. “Florida Man Tries to Hide Underwater. Fails.”

    Now that Mad Magazine is contracting, Florida is picking up the slack.

  3. Saw many a B rated drive in movie in the ’60’s
    Dude always finds a hollow segmented bamboo
    type reed…

  4. Stormy Daniels just happened to be swimming there, he was so methed out he thought he could hide inside of her. There was plenty of room, but he could not tolerate the smell, and when he came out for a breath of fresh air, they nabbed him, gave Stormy $10 bucks for assisting in the capture to help pay off her Trump bill, and told her thanks. See Rhode Island, Florida knows how to help a down and out ex hooker/pole dancer/movie director/porn novel writer/star.

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