Florida Man Jumps the Shark, Gets Bitten

Newsweek: 40-year-old man was bitten by a shark while surfing in the waters off New Smyrna Beach, Florida, on Tuesday morning, according to authorities.

Donald Walsh—a chiropractor from Mims—is the fourth person to be bitten by a shark in these waters in just the last month, and the eleventh in the whole of 2019, WESH 2 reported.

New Smyrna Beach—located on Florida’s central east coast—is considered to be the “shark attack capital of the world,” according to the International Shark Attack File (ISAF).

National Geographic reported that anyone who has entered the water in this area has likely come within 10 feet of a shark.

Walsh told Volusia County Beach Safety Ocean Rescue officials that he caught air on a wave while surfing and landed on top of a shark.  read more

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  1. “He was not taken to hospital.”
    Fewer than 100 shark ‘attacks’ worldwide every year. Vast majority on southeast coast of USA, 2-foot sharks in murky waters and wounds requiring band-aids or a few stitches.
    I was paddle boarding at a scout camp on Catalina Island a few years ago (near L.A.), came in to shore and there were several 4-5 foot sharks in a foot of water. Nobody cared, scouts, adults, just gave them a few feet of space.

    A little like shootings. Certainly more people die in USA from ‘mass shootings’ like today’s than from sharks, but far fewer than from an awful lot of other causes. But the press loves the opportunity to try to shame gun owners.

  2. I don’t go in the ocean. That’s where they keep the sharks. But I did have a grouper sandwich for supper tonight.

  3. I enjoy scuba diving and have been in the water with many types of sharks: white tip reef, hammerheads, tiger and even a great white. I can’t say that I have never been nervous, but never have had a problem with them.

    I am still a little peaved that one of the other divers didn’t take a pic of the great white because “it was out of focus”

    I don’t have to swim faster than the shark, as long as there is someone between me and the bloody big fish with teeth

  4. Surfin’ Spanish House 20 miles north
    of Sebastian Inlet in 1973 all by myself
    I saw 2 6′-7′ HammerHeads thru a wave with
    the sunlight shining thru the wave.Erie.
    I slowly paddled and body surfed back to shore…


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