Florida: Meet the Muslim running for Broward County Commission, and his terror-linked pals

Plus Hillary and Debbie Wasserman Schultz!

Creeping Sharia:  In Florida’s Broward County, the corruption runs deep. And it’s just the type of environment that Muslims thrive in.

One candidate for County Commission, Dist. 6 – Altaf Ahmed – claims to be the first Muslim to run for the county commission.

But a local website pointed out that the county commission already had a Muslim elected.

County Commissioner Barbara Sharief demonstrated that a Muslim could be elected when she won a seat on the Miramar City Commission in 2009. A year later she won her County Commission job.

Why let facts get in the way of a campaign ploy.

Altaf Ahmed pals around with the most corrupt, terror-linked Muslims in America. There’s the unindicted co-conspirator to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and infamous jihad preacher Siraj Wahhaj,

Terror-linked CAIR leader and Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Nezar Hamze,

Terror-linked CAIR’s Wilfredo Ruiz…who was recently on a terrorism panel with the infamous Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, 

The lying, sharia-pushing Khizr Khan,

The notorious Muslim congressman Keith Ellison,


10 Comments on Florida: Meet the Muslim running for Broward County Commission, and his terror-linked pals

  1. If the Parkland shooting did any good, perhaps it awakened the people in that county to pay attention to their elected officials and those who are running for office and he won’t be elected

  2. I still think it is quite possible that they used Cruz as a tool. One thing is for sure, they certainly knew about him. Who knows how they were goading him. And when it happened they just stood there and watched it unfold. It is certainly not beyond belief that these muzlims would kill kids and use kids to further their agenda. These terrorists are ruthless cavemen that we should put nothing past.

  3. I wonder if these assholes are even capable of doing anything in government that would be considered productive. “We need Muslims, we need gays, we need illegals in office.”

  4. not enough muslim is like not enough cow bell.

    the citizens did elect obama to potus.

    doesn’t matter what you do if you have a (d) after your name.

  5. Gad! Why don’t we have this problem with any other minority? Buddhists, Sikhs….? They are like roaches –and I don’t like it. …Lady in Red

  6. 0bama pushed muslim ‘migrants’ into the more “Christian” areas of the country. He also mixed them in places where there would be larger groups of illegals, hispanics and blacks. Because muslims organize faster, use brute force, and swarm over the weak and or forgiving.

  7. Was going to try and do the “Pithy and Humorous” thing here, but really, it’s just kind of sad for the mopes in south Florida…

  8. In some of the pics it appears he dyes his hair red, that’s an almost certain tipoff he is trying to emulate Muhammad.


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