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For a masochist, Jeff Flake has an enormous ego

Patriot Retort:

Today two of my favorite columnists each took a sledgehammer to the spineless lame duck Senator Jeff Flake.

First up, the incomparable Kurt Schlichter.

His Townhall column today is scorching.

Schlichter slaps Jeff Flake around like a redheaded stepchild.

But given what a masochist Jeff Flake is, I’m guessing he likes that.

What astonishes me about Jeff Flake is despite what a masochist he is, he has one super-sized ego.

He really does believe that getting slapped around by the Democrats is his ticket to success.

Which explains why, after getting spanked by the Democrat activists both on and off the Judiciary Committee, Flake followed up with a media victory lap.

Who does that?!

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  1. Not so sure. Yes, he’s spineless….however…
    1) his stunt at the last SJC hearing DID get all Democrats to appear
    (as opposed to boycotting the hearing and preventing a quorum for vote)
    2) he did vote to forward Kavanaugh out of Committee TO FULL SENATE
    3) his “just a week” investigation request seems JUST AS LIKELY to have been a sleight of hand to allow Grassley to force a vote A)WITHOUT amendments (as Feinstein wanted) or B)much of *any* commitment other than to request it to McConnell
    4) since Trump went ahead OF HIS OWN INITATIVE ordering the one-week-max investigation – AND WE HAVE NO IDEA JUST WHAT HE ORDERED THEM TO INVESTIGATE (just that he said to interview WHOEVER they think is necessary) – I suspect Trump’s up to another STING on the Dems…



  2. Imagine a 2020 Kasich/Flake ticket.

    Frick and Frack trying to out kumbaya one another. Why they won’t bother to tame the rise of the oceans, they’ll rearrange the constellations. Taking bets on who’ll cry first.

  3. TRF. Did you see Trumps USMCA presser in the Rose Garden?

    Slapped the Vega right out of Cecelia before she could jab him with a Kavanaugh q.

    I don’t care how abrasive he is. Men have gone so limp, it’s good to see a real man back in charge. Over correction is necessary at times.

  4. To those pressing for term limits, this type of behavior is the dark underbelly. Politicians would have zero accountability when lamer ducked. If you think their behavior is bad now, just wait if term limits were imposed.

  5. Anon, how about this: Obey the Constitution or bullet in the back of the neck and burial in a clandestine grave? Fuck ‘term limits;’ “Life Limits” would work better.

  6. We got the Senate we deserve with the 17th Amendment. Direct election of Senators is one of the worst changes ever done to our Constitution. They should answer directly to the state legislatures as before, but good luck taking the common mans’ ‘right to vote’ away from them.

  7. @extirpates October 1, 2018 at 7:10 pm

    > No person beyond the age of 70 shall serve in Congress.

    70‽ Hell! The day you’re eligible for Social Security, your desk contents are on the curb, and your keycard don’t work.

  8. Flake is defecting and won’t vote for Kavanaugh. He’s going to either switch parties or just not vote “yea” on him this week. He has already signaled that Kavanaugh getting angry with the panel for dragging his name through the mud was just a bridge too far. Because temperament or some shit.

    They thought they might find something but instead they’re using this week to try and setup some perjury trap. If he said he drank 2 beers and they have a receipt where he drank 3 then that’s perjury. This afternoon the NYT is running a story that he was ASKED about an “assault” at a bar where no one was arrested or charged. Somebody got ice thrown on them for being a douchebag. Boohoo.

    I’d wager Flake knew about the elevator stunt because he already had plans to fly with Coons to that Global Citizens concert in New York the next day for the honeymoon to their gay wedding in the Senate and where he could be celebrated for Compromising.

    Can’t count on him. He’s caucusing with Democrats this week. Buy Joe Manchin a new truck or something. It would be money better spent.


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