DMF: You tell me.  Is America great or what?  Where else could an intelligence-challenged, oppressed brown female who one day is slinging Budweiser and cheap whisky in a dive bar in NY, and the next has her own celebrity BBF calendar?  If you are a masochist who wants to look at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez every day of the year and read her insipid musings, do I have great news for you.  There is an AOC calendar for sale, which thankfully features zero swimsuit or boudoir shots.  But you do get 12 months of her donkey teeth and airhead quotes. MORE

13 Comments on For Your Holiday Gift List: THE ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ 2020 CALENDAR

  1. someone needs to put out a ‘true quotes’ calendar of this brainless bint & sell it as a parody product … they’d make a mint

    do one of Adam Shiffless, Nannie Pelosi … all the de’rat idiots … pithy quotes from Al not-so-Sharpton, James Comey, Killary Klinton, Maxie-Pad Waters, Shella Jackson Lee, Al Green … the list is endless

    … hell, just do a pull-quotes from all those assclowns that said they were going to move out of the country, yet they’re still here

  2. I was hoping it would be more like that Mayan calendar, going round and round for what seems like eternity, then suddenly ending on November 3, 2020.

  3. Well, today (first Friday in Nov) is the annual Fountain Pen Day. One could write her a note written in graceful script, with a nice flex tip nib, and a beautiful shade of ink, telling her where she can shove her calendars. She probably couldn’t read it. But would think it was something praising her most wonderful self.

  4. Followed by the companion book “The Wit and Wisdom of AOC”. A beautiful red leather bound book with 350 blank pages.

  5. I can’t look at a picture of her without a carrot stick coming to mind.
    When that image fades oats appear.


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