Former ‘Conservative’ Wunderkind CJ Pearson Endorses Bernie Sanders


I’m ashamed. I’m ashamed that I was one of those stupid people who totally rode the CJ Pearson train. (I mean, I wasn’t an avid “supporter,” but I wrote about him before and gave him publicity.)

You have to understand. My days are largely consumed by stories of millennials complaining about microaggressions and demanding trigger warnings, so I found Pearson refreshing. Here was a young man who was seemingly well-versed in the principles of conservatism– a rarity for sure.

But as he rose to fame, it started going to his head. At least, that’s how it looks.


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  1. If underdogs deserve to win, why should they ever strive to be better than underdogs?

    This also speaks to the bullshittery of legislated “equality”. GOD created everyone equally, not to actually BE all equal. Striving and suffering to be better than equal is what life is all about.

    Simple, right? This is why progtards can’t understand it.

  2. You know who deserves to win? Those that strive to win. Those that work to win. Those that are smart enough to figure out how to win. You know who doesn’t deserve to win? Those that expect to win by taking what others have worked hard for and thru government mandate “spread the wealth” to those that refuse to even attempt to better themselves by working hard, and are sociatal leeches

    This kid aint no different than clockboy, he just uses words in his pencilbox instead of electronics.

  3. Underdogs deserve an equal chance, they don’t deserve a free pass. Underdogs try harder and more often than not “win” because of sheer determination and smarts, unless the Government is there to help them and then they don’t know how to do it on their own.

  4. Prabably both, with some death threats thrown in for good measure. Assume at this point that somebody else is composing his tweets. And be disappointed but not angry. He is in thrall to a ruthless mob. Just ignore the twitter account which trolls in his name.

  5. Underdogs deserve to win, too.

    To add to TSUNAMI ‘s post as a logical end of this, there is also the ever changing status of just who is the underdog.

    Once they’re in power they are not an underdog anymore and deserve to lose to the next underdog?

    That’s like tuning in to an NFL game and switching teams every time the one you’re rooting for takes the lead. Pointless.

  6. Due to his exposure to the public, his political ‘knowledge” has “grown.” You know, like Justice Kennedy’s views have “grown” since he was appointed to the court…

  7. “Underdogs deserve to win …”

    He won in every episode I can recall … so what’s your point?

    Mr. Pearson needs to look up the definition of “deserves.”

  8. It confuses the Dumbplumber when politicians keep referring to America as the “richest” country in the world.

    Let’s review: We are $20 trillion in debt and going deeper at about a billion a day. We have over $120 trillion in unfunded liabilities and one third of our population is NOT working. We have millions of our citizens draining our treasury through fraud, while we are shoveling out money we don’t have, and giving it to illegal aliens, some of which want us dead. We have stolen the great majority of our senior’s Social Security fund and given it to politicians who buy votes with it. The Fed is printing $85 billion a month in worthless money and handing it over to our government and the big banks and adding it to the money we owe.

    And the political Jackasses keep saying we are the richest country in the world!

  9. I agree with grayjohn. This kid performed his dance just like a windup mouse. At 13 years old you don’t issue statements like that unless someone is writing them for you and if you were bright and schooled enough to do it yourself you probably would have already seen that pesky racism in the GOP that you complain about so eloquently. Nope this kid was running off a script that was given to him by others to embarrass conservatives and it worked. Between him and clockboy people need to understand that kids are weapons in both the war with militant Islam and the leftist progressives.

  10. Oh, THAT Vunderkind. I didn’t remember who you were talking about.
    I guess he wasn’t happy about gaining “fame” through accomplishments, instead he’s resorting to notoriety.

  11. “CJ, honey, if you don’t tow the blm, commiecore, progtard line, the gov’t will take away our monthly check.”

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