Former Member Recalls Telling ‘Slave’ to Leave NXIVM After Learning of Secret Society

Epoch Times: NEW YORK—A filmmaker and former board member of NXIVM recounted in a Brooklyn federal court the moment he started to question everything behind the organization he was a member of for 12 years. At one point in his testimony, he became emotional as he spoke about a conversation he had with a “slave” just days before he resigned.

Born in South Africa, Mark Vicente, who joined NXIVM in 2005, said the walls around him started “tumbling down” after he heard about DOS, a secret society within NXIVM that leader Keith Raniere founded in 2015. Raniere styled himself as the “grandmaster” of DOS, while its members were all his sexual “slaves.”

DOS, an acronym for the Latin phrase “dominus obsequious sororium,” which loosely translates as “master over the slave women,” employed a pyramid structure involving levels of “slaves” headed by “masters”; slaves were then expected to recruit their own slaves, thus becoming masters themselves. Raniere was the “highest master” of DOS and made other members—all women—have sex with him.

Jurors also witnessed for the first time nude photos that DOS members were forced to send to Raniere as collateral, including photos of their brands. The brand was a symbol incorporating Raniere’s initials and burned onto the skin with a cauterizing pen, during a process that took “20 to 30 minutes,” according to court documents.

Vicente, once a devoted member of NXIVM, a purported self-help group, said he was promoted “12 times” during his time in the organization. But as he heard more and more details surrounding Raniere—whom he referred to as “supreme leader” in one instance during his testimony—he started to question the group.  more here

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  1. I think that guy who jumped of the bridge the other day was somewhat involved in this. I watched a video he posted recently. He was a babbling fruitcake.
    Pay attention – now that the exposure is happening you will see more of these people “commit suicide”. I believe they are brainwashed and go will insane when their brains start questioning the beliefs that were forced into their psyche through the brainwashing.

  2. @ Just pass’n thru

    Just before I read your comment, those were my exact thoughts as well. I wonder how deep the river is going to run?

  3. Goldenfoxx, most likely that river will be clogged with Democrat Party members because we all know Democrats at heart are amoral or immoral.

  4. Rich people are messed up. They give up the real God, substituted Him for themselves or some loon like Raniere, and descended one or several floors closer to hell on earth.

    I hope that they’re able to extricate themselves from the brainwashing and find their way to the true God – He’s always there, waiting for them.

  5. Every weird secret society and conspiracy is coming true.

    After michelle obama, it even seems Big Foot exists.


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