Four Chinese Citizens ‘Executed’ at Oklahoma Marijuana Farm – IOTW Report

Four Chinese Citizens ‘Executed’ at Oklahoma Marijuana Farm

Update: “Wu Chen, 45, was arrested in Miami, Florida, just before 4 p.m. when a license plate reader flagged the vehicle he was driving, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation said in a statement.” – NBC reported.

Kingfisher County – Four Chinese nationals were ‘executed’ at a marijuana farm in a rural area northwest of Oklahoma City on Sunday.

A fifth Chinese nationalist was injured.

According to reports, the suspect, who was taken into custody Tuesday evening, entered a building on the property at 5:45 Sunday evening and executed four people. MORE

21 Comments on Four Chinese Citizens ‘Executed’ at Oklahoma Marijuana Farm

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  2. jellybean

    If they were here illegally tough shit. That goes for anybody that’s here illegally. If you don’t belong here get the F out of my country.

  3. Illegal pot operation, operated by Chinese Nationals, possibly illegally in the US. Drug war between the China cartels?
    Does the Chinese Communist Party own the property?
    If the FBI gets involved we’ll not have any answers, unless the shooter, “Wu Chen”, is a extremist Right wing Trump Supporter.

  4. Xiden put the welcome mat out for Chinese nefarious communist “enterprise”.
    The enemy is no longer at the gate, they’re inside and set up shop with their own enforcement.

  5. ^^^^^ The Chicom bastards have opened “Police Stations” in major cities in the U.S. And everyone including the retard deny giving them the authority to do so. SO WTF? Are they armed? Exactly what authority do they have here?

  6. Weird thing about this is very little is coming out here. All I’ve heard is they had a license, but they don’t know if it they got it legally. A big problem every since stupid pot heads got medical pot legalized is how many foreigners who are here on visas, work permits, etc, and illegals have bought up property and started grow houses, but they’ve done it under names of legal citizens, usually though with foreign names.
    There are legal citizens running some of them as well, but although they don’t admit it, I’d guess just in my part of the state 70-80% are fraudulent. If you look up the property owner names, most have Chinese names. Chinese realtors have exploded and the realtors who have sold the properties more often than not have the same last names.

    For myself, I don’t give a hoot if they’re legal citizens or not, maybe if enough of them owning these grow houses get killed, it will scare them off. I don’t know what the heck they grow, but you drive within 5 miles of these things and they stink to high heaven. I’ve never smelled anything so bad, I’d rather have 1000 hogs on 5 acres next to me than one of these things.

    Because pot heads got it on the ballot, in the primaries I might add, the law was very poorly written. I will give the legislature credit where it’s due, they’ve been trying all they can to fix it. We have some laws banning foreigners owning land, hopefully soon they’ll get all foreign ownership banned.

  7. Jellybean & Brad,
    Even if the four were here legally, they were most likely members of the CCP. So, I have no sympathy.
    Second, the accused was caught with a license plate reader? Really? He didn’t have sense enough to change plates somewhere else? Plus, from the story, I presume the po-po found the four deceased. IT’S A FARM! WHAT DO YOU DO ON A FARM? YOU PLANT THINGS! HE SHOULD HAVE PLANTED THE FOUR DEEEEEP BEFORE LEAVING!! IDIOT! He deserved to get caught!

  8. To summarize: Four Chinese citizens working on a MJ farm in OK were murdered by a Chinese citizen who was later arrested in Miami.

    That’s it. That’s all the actual information.

    This is horrible journalism!

    Not a word about how Trump and his reckless rhetoric is directly responsible for this climate of hate. Right wingers who oppose MJ legalization effectively declared open season on anyone associated with MJ and unleashed their virtual army of stochastic terrorists. These tragic deaths are a direct result of Trump and his media cheerleaders on Fox who openly advocate death and violence for anyone who dares deviate from their preordained lifestyle and rigid belief system.

    There, fixed it for ya.


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