Fox News hits highest viewership in network’s 23-year history


Fox News averaged 2.5 million viewers per night in 2019, the most in its 23-year history, making the network the most-watched channel on basic cable.

According to Nielsen Media Research, Fox News beat out ESPN, with its 1.78 million viewers, and third-place MSNBC, which drew an average of 1.75 million viewers in prime time. Fox topped its cable competitors for a fourth straight year, Nielsen said.

CNN finished 22nd, with an average of 972,000 viewers per night.

The top five shows in cable news for 2019 were Fox’s “Hannity,” with 3.3 million, followed by “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” with 3.1 million.

MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show” was third, with 2.78 million, followed by Fox’s “The Ingraham Angle,” with 2.57 million, and “The Five” at 2.55 million. more

11 Comments on Fox News hits highest viewership in network’s 23-year history

  1. I started watching OANN and haven’t gone back to FOX.

    Hannity, Carlson and Ingraham need to get the hell away from FOX.

  2. … & the Murdock cuckold sons are trying to ruin it

    only thing I watch anymore is Carlson, occasional Tammy Bruce guest-hosting for Hannity, Mark Stein guest-hosting for Tucker & Levin

    oh, & an occasional ‘Jive at Five’ (when Whine is not on) & Guttfield when I can catch him

  3. If not for Lou Dobbs I wouldn’t watch any FOX period. I like a few people on fox but I catch their highpoints while viewing the news blogs. The less TV I see the better my disposition.

  4. Considering many can’t watch OAN you could say Fox is the most informative but during the day they cover the same talking points as other news networks with Trump haters like Cavuto etc. I won’t watch it again unless Trump wins 2020 on election night to see if any of them are visibly upset again.

  5. I scan through their entire prime time lineup on youtube in about 30 minutes. Skip the hot air coming out of their hosts and skip all the guests that are pimping books.

  6. Imagine how much better their ratings could have been if they hadn’t filled up their panels with nevertrumpers and half their audience hadn’t departed.

  7. FOX has the unwatchable three….

    crissie wallace, leland vittert, and howie kurtz…

    I can’t put up with their bull$hit…….

    I turn the channel when they come on.

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