France foils ‘9/11-inspired’ plane hijacking attack

Geller Report:

[…] The wannabe attacker had a “project” to hijack a plane and was “getting organized” to do so, the minister said, offering no further details.

French media filled in some of the blanks later in the day, citing police sources. The suspect lived in the Hauts-de-Seine department, just west of central Paris, and is a French national under 30 years of age, according to these reports.

6 Comments on France foils ‘9/11-inspired’ plane hijacking attack

  1. If the French could only persuade Hungary and Poland to not be so hateful to Islam, maybe the terrorists wouldn’t be so mad at them.

  2. If the French would only adopt Sharia Law, kill all the Kafirs (non-Muslims), tear down all the churches and put up Mosques, put women back in their place, outlaw pork, and hang all the gays, then those misunderstood terrorists would really love them.

  3. @larrythedumbshit—

    Let me get this right….If everyone was less hateful to islam, then we would die a slower death instead of a painless, quick death?!?

  4. Islam, like communism, is like a manure pile: if not cleaned away, it will weigh heavily, and eventually collapse on you and smother you. A fate worse than michelle obama sitting on your face.


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