France recalls ambassadors from U.S. and Australia over submarine deal

Axios – France has taken the extraordinary step of recalling its ambassadors to the U.S. and Australia after both countries blindsided their French allies with a new military pact and submarine contract, the French Foreign Ministry announced on Friday.

The backstory: While sealing an agreement with the U.S. and U.K. to acquire nuclear submarines, Australia ripped up an existing $90 billion submarine deal with France. That led senior French officials to accuse the U.S. of a “stab in the back.”

Why it matters: It is extremely rare for an ambassador to be recalled from the capital of such a close ally, and a signal of just how furious the French government is with both Australia and the U.S. more

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  1. Well, apparently France isn’t quite Marxist enough to join the AUKUS club just yet… They need to demonstrate more jackbooted thuggery upon the commoners before being let in… I have faith that the French will get where they need to be shortly, as the lightning fast freefall into the fascist takeover of the other 3 governments has demonstrated…

  2. France will eventually get around to letting us know their feelings will be less hurt if we also give them access to all our nuke sub tech.

    This is a negotiation tactic.

  3. Frogs are croaking about being snubbed by the US?
    The United States is the largest foreign investor in France.

    Maybe Our investments should be placed in countries that aren’t socialists?

    France, Australia & Britain stopped bitching about the incompetent Biden fiasco of abandoning Afghanistan without telling our allies.
    I guess a $90 Billion carrot is a hefty distraction for countries that want our tax money.

  4. Biden has screwed over every American in country (unemployment, economic down fall, inflation) and abandoned Americans in Afghanistan.
    Why wouldn’t Biden screw over France? It’s the Biden plan.

  5. Well, as we were told that the French would have elected John Kerry, I can’t say I much GAF.
    Keep your Ambassador. Quit the UN if you like. When all the bowling alleys in Germany are filled, and they start to get bored, and turn their eyes on you again, don’t come begging.

    izlamo delenda est …


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