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  1. “Forgiveness” of student loans for those irresponsible students don’t want to pay them is a slap in the face to those who were responsible and minimized the amount they borrowed then paid them off after graduating.

    Reward irresponsibility and punish responsibility and see what you get more of.

    So, IMO, it comes down to a question of which is better for our country, more responsible people or more irresponsible people?

  2. So, once someone starts floating this idea then everyone paying their loans should cease making payments immediately, right?

    You’re just throwing money away if its going to be erased.

    Ah, the desperation of a field of two dozen. Any other empty promises on the Communist wishlist? Free school, no debt, universal basic income, slave reparations. Ask not what you can do for your country, but what the top 1% of your country can do for you.

  3. If education is free, doesn’t that devalue the degree, and potential earnings?

    ie, since your education was free we can pay you less…. Or we can tax you more

  4. Watching the Judy Woodruff segment of that video, I am wondering how in the hell did a white guy get into medical school in 2019????

  5. All the Democrats are making the ultimate “there is no tomorrow” bet.

    But there is a tomorrow – and it’s financial, dead-in-the-water Armageddon.

  6. The only one who can “forgive” a debt is the debtee.

    Warren should posit the notion that the Banksters and Wall Street “forgive” the loans or that they buy the debt and “forgive” it as they see fit, and leave the innocent taxpayers out of it.

    My guess is that this a scam to extort from the taxpayers and reward the Banksters and Wall Street for their malfeasances in making risky loans.

    My copy of the Constitution has no article granting the “power” for the FedGov to subsidize or guarantee loans – good, bad, or indifferent.

    My copies came from the House of Representatives, so they may be faulty – there certainly seems to be no understanding of it in the present House!

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Many moons ago I worked at a junior college. The place was built on federal trough money. I knew multitudes of students that had racked up 125 college credit hours yet they didn’t earn a degree. They got 125 hrs in ESL. The problem…they still couldn’t speak or understand basic 8th grad English when they finished. I believe 125 hours could actually earn a Bachelor Degree.


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