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“Fumes Never Smelled So Sweet”: WSJ Reporter Details Nightmarish Road Trip With Electric Vehicle

Blue State Conservative: A Wall Street Journal reporter did what journalists are actually supposed to do – investigate a story and report on the truth. In the case of Rachel Wolfe, she discovered first hand how inefficient electric vehicles are and how poorly our infrastructure is prepared to support them.

In a column for the Journal, Wolfe laid out the myriad issues road tripping with an electric vehicle. Namely, unpredictable (and often shorter than expected) ranges, finicky charging cords, stations that do not live up to their advertised charging speeds, and as mentioned, a grid not at all equipped to service fleets of EVs presented just a few major roadblocks to a successful journey.

The Blaze reacted to Wolfe’s story, headlining their story with Wolfe’s own admission that “fumes never smelled so sweet.”

“Frequently, they were forced to make changes to their charted course and pre-planned schedule due to unexpected battery drains along the highway. In the end, Wolfe said she and her road trip companion, Mack, spent more hours waiting to charge than they did sleeping.”

Sounds like a nightmare. Wasn’t the American experience built on freedom-inspiring road trips to nowhere? Now, people have to plan spending more time waiting than moving.  more

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  1. On a positive note, the pair spent just $175 on charging in comparison to the $275 they estimated they would have

    This is such utter BS. It you amortize the $22000 plus tax is a replacement cost of Tesla’s battery your monthly cost is about $300 if it just sits in the driveway

  2. I know it’s HARD for some people to understand BUT;
    Liberals would never gain traction if they told the truth.
    EVERY one of their assertions are coupled with lies, simple, non-factual, bullshit lies.

  3. Hydrogen fuel cells could offer no emissions without the problems of recharge time and battery disposal. Honda and Toyota both make fuel cell vehicles, but there is absolutely no hydrogen fueling infrastructure.

  4. @Wild Bill — Do suppose the absence of Hydrogen fuel infrastructure is because it is hideously expensive and has a lot of safety problems that haven’t been worked out yet?

    A car battery fire is a terribly violent thing and hard to extinguish, if not virtually impossible. A tank full of Hydrogen, on the other hand, is a bomb.

    Theoretically, Hydrogen fuel is wonderful. Practically, a nightmare.

  5. Batteries,wind turbines,solar panels are extremely
    expensive.The rare earth minerals and metals are
    limited on this earth.Natural gas & oil is plentiful
    all over the world.They really are trying to exterminate you………..

  6. @Uncle Al,

    The term you’re reaching for is “LEL”, the lower explosive limit, expressed as a percentage mixed with air. Methane is ~4.4%, Gasoline is 1.4%, etc… I think Hydrogen is roughly 2%, which is close to Propane, but without the tendency to pool near ground level. This kind of ignores the “boiling point class” that helps determine how likely it is to achieve such a mixture under standard temperatures and pressures. Consider… Paraffin has an LEL, but good luck achieving it.


    More to the point… How far can you drive to escape before being forced to stop and recharge? Does that converge with any kind of long established military doctrine for area control? Asking for a friend… 🙂

  7. The point of electric… anythings, is not the environment. Not efficiency. Nobody is stupid enough to believe.

    The entire reason is The Grid. Singular.

  8. Here’s an idea:
    Let’s invent a fuel that has very high fuel density, is widely available worldwide and has an over 100-year track record of efficiency and success.

    We’ll call it GASOLINE !!!!!!!!!

    (It can even be used for molotov cocktails, as a paint thinner, and to ignite funeral pyres for lying globalist climate change con artists)

  9. “..but there is absolutely no hydrogen fueling infrastructure.”

    You can make your own hydrogen from water and electricity. You can even use solar cells for the electricity. Talk about renewable, environmentally friendly energy with oxygen as the waste product from production instead of co2.

    The hardware to make it all work still needs development from experimental to user-friendly, though.

    But that would eliminate the power choke-hold they want to have over everyone. Sooo yeah. Real breakthroughs ain’t going to happen if it also breaks the little people free from their chains.

  10. Other me, that’s what I saw in my mind’s eye… a photograph of a Tesla with a ball hitch towing a Honda generator. I’m fairly certain I have seen a photograph of such blatant stupidity.

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