Fusion GPS-Linked Democrat Mega-Donor Bankrolls Trump’s ‘Rape’ Accuser – IOTW Report

Fusion GPS-Linked Democrat Mega-Donor Bankrolls Trump’s ‘Rape’ Accuser

Fusion GPS-Linked Democrat Mega-Donor Bankrolls Trump’s ‘Rape’ Accuser, Considers Backing DeSantis in GOP Primaries.

National Pulse: Democrat mega-donor Reid Hoffman – who became a billionaire by founding business networking website LinkedIn – is bankrolling the former Elle magazine advice columnist who accuses Donald Trump of raping her in a New York department store nearly 30 years ago.

Hoffman, 55, has told New York Magazine‘s Kara Swisher: “The short answer is I will spend as much as I possibly can and it takes and is effective [to beat Trump].”

This could involve aiding other GOP primary candidates, reports Puck News, to the point where Hoffman and his cohorts are investigating state primary rules, as well as the idea of supporting anti-Trump, right-leaning media. The issue was discussed at length in a late March podcast by the new, D.C.-based news site.

While Hoffman has demurred on specifically endorsing a Republican candidate, claiming “I’m almost certainly in the Biden camp,” those in his employ are said to be eyeing up Trump’s primary opponents, with a view to supporting them as the first way of stopping him retaking the White House.

The portly plutocrat was also outed recently as the money man behind 79-year-old Trump accuser E. Jean Carroll. MORE

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  1. And, of course, a few on here will pile on and say this is why we have to dump Trump and support DeSantis. As if the dems will just sit back and let him run without the smears.

  2. Poor poor Donny, he was just an embarrassment to his father who sent Donny off to military school to be ridiculed by his classmates because he was just do fucking stupid.

  3. I’m kinda thinking Donald Jailed Trump is the one that needs to be worried.

    Who is Ronda by the way?
    Did a woman hurt you Brad?
    Are women so inferior?
    I feel bad for the poor women in your life.
    You must hate them to use their names as an insult.
    Oh well… a small man needs to do that kind of shit to feel big.
    Do you hit women Brad?
    I bet you do…

  4. Ronda’s a weak sister piece of shit that betrayed Trump with big dreams. Ronda bought into the Bushies agenda which is not MAGA. Ronda’s going to get what he deserves for being a chicken shit traitorous POS. He’s much worse than the last love of your life, Ted Cruz. Enjoy yourself. My jobs done for the night. LOL

  5. Wait, who is up for a rape trial next week?
    Twice impeached, loser of 2020 election to a brain-dead fossil, Stormy humping, pussy-grabbing, Fauci awarding, Wray appointing, soon to be indicted in multiple states disgraced ex-president who never won a majority vote or is it Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who won his election by 20 points?

    I don’t know, may have to google it…

  6. I didn’t say Trump insulted tour wife.
    I said you did.
    Calling a man a woman’s name to insult him as inferior means that you think every woman in your life is inferior.
    Nothing even close to deserving as a man.
    I’m so glad I don’t belittle and hit women but you do you…

  7. Wow dude go ice your vagina. You said it, game over, DeSantis wins. Why the fuck are you still running your mouth little man? Yo have nothing to worry about, your guy has won. OR, are you really that full of shit?

  8. I do have to be careful clicking on Erik’s links.
    I did last week on some 1945 military indoc and now I get recommended links for “negroes on merchant vessels” or some sort of official US propaganda from the Eisenhower admin…

  9. Loco, Brad will never go for detente, his motives are different from ours. He is not in it for an honest exchange of ideas or opinions, much like a sadomasochistic fetish, he must gain some perverse sexual pleasure out of getting bitch slapped. This thread is a perfect example. He takes the first swing, usually a sucker punch, then when retaliation occurs and he gets his ass handed to him, he logs off with a smile on his face,”I won again, total domination, I’m so bad”.

    Those that don his jersey and belong to his club will never win another election again. But that’s OK with him, it isn’t the winning he is after, it’s the purity, and the ostracizing of all those that don’t agree with him 100%.

    At this point, I don’t care who we have to run or what tactics we have to adopt, I’m sick and tired of losing. Staying on this tac, the country will not survive.


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