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Gary Dahl, Inventor of the Pet Rock, Dies at 78

pet rock

Gary Dahl who in 1975 invented the Pet Rock died last week at age 78. From the New York Times:

One night in the mid-’70s, he was having a drink in Los Gatos, the Northern California town where he lived for many years. At the time, he was a freelance copywriter (“that’s another word for being broke,” he later said), living in a small cabin as a self-described “quasi dropout.”

The bar talk turned to pets, and to the onus of feeding, walking and cleaning up after them.



15 Comments on Gary Dahl, Inventor of the Pet Rock, Dies at 78

  1. Do I dare admit I bought one of these once, and gave it as a gift.
    Makes me wonder what happened to it. It’s GOT to still be around.
    Probably lonely.

  2. You took a silly idea, built it up and made millions of people laugh with it and at the same time made yourself a million. Good job, RIP Mr. Dahl.

  3. “Sometimes I look back and wonder if my life wouldn’t have been simpler if I hadn’t done it.”

    He’ll never know now will he? These after thoughts are bewildering.

  4. @Mr. Mxyzptlk

    Careful about the rock being lonely. There are so many “entitlement” rocks sitting out everywhere (OWS, OFA types etc.) that you could find a friend for your rock. Be warned, these are “freebie” rocks and therefore could become problematic as they are known to multiply.

  5. His remains will be condensed into a small mineral deposit and placed in a box lined with fake nesting material.

  6. Wow, was Dahl stoned?

    Get it? Stoned?

    Thanks, I’m here all week. Try the veal, and remember to tip your wait staff.


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