Gary Johnson Calls For Space Colonization

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Libertarian presidential candidate and former governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson called for space colonization as an answer for global warming by saying, “the fact that we do have to inhabit other planets. I mean the future of the human race is of — is space exploration.”


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  1. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown HATES “crazy” competition.

    But hey: as long as it doesn’t
    cost anyone anything or
    risk others’ lives, like, whatever, dude……….

    “Buuuuuut..he isn’t ‘libertarian’!”
    Riiiiiiiight. He’s just called himself that for DECADES.

  2. The level of retardation coming off this dipshit is staggering.

    The Libertarian movement has become a freakshow.

  3. Gary, tell us how it is out there!

    OK: We should indeed spread out; even if we get a nice reduction in population as a result of BO paying for Iranian nukes. A lot of Earth may be uninhabitable for a while.

    And who knows what cleansing efforts that might start?

  4. To hell with global warming, but he’s right for the wrong reason.
    Military Axiom:
    “Take the high ground and Hold it.”

  5. let’s face it, how much longer can we live with liberals?

    if we don’t send them to some other planet we will eventually have to shoot them.
    I’d rather not have that on my conscience.

    besides nothing is going to be “greener” than being cooped up in a habitat with other liberals all recycling their shit and smelling each others farts. a liberals utopia, right?

  6. Obviously one of the literati elite, who doesn’t even own a television. So let me paraphrase:

    “In space, there’s no oxygen for you to blaze.”

  7. Everybody who promotes the false belief system of man changing the climate should have to live on another planet. That is the only way for them to prove if they are right. Send them to a hot planet and let them show us how to change the temperature.

    It might be a little expensive getting rid of the ignorant bastards, but I am willing to pitch in and do my share.

  8. How about we finance this colonization by selling tickets to get off this horrible world as getting to be among like-minded people and leaving behind the Neanderthals of the world.

    1. Sell it the way Democrats sell their party to the morons that vote for them. Tell them anything that will have them believe. Take their money.

    2. Build the rockets.

    3. Have a big to-do party celebrating a New Beginning, farewell to Earth.

    4. Come through for them like the Democratic party does for the morons that vote for them. Shoot the SJWs, BLMs, Feminist Misogynists, et al into space and forget about them.

    5. Fix your favorite beverage, sit back and enjoy the newfound peace on Earth.

    They are just stupid enough for this to work.

  9. Go for it, you stupid numbskull. Fly fly fly away to outer space. Not one cent of taxpayer money is to be used for your stupid venture, of course. NASA is another big stupid government ripoff and needs to be shut down. If space cadets like Johnson and his fellow morons like Rand Simbidiot over @ transterrestrial want to travel in space, they are footing the bill. Idiots.

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