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Josh Fox claims to be a documentary filmmaker, but in reality he is a political activist who uses health hoaxes to scare people.

Fox first came to prominence when he released the documentary GasLand. Perhaps the most famous hoax in that film is that Flaming Faucet scene.

It was scary. Fox claimed that fracking had caused people’s water to become flammable – and there was a dramatic scene showing a householder lighting his water on fire.

But what Fox didn’t tell his audience was that problems with methane in the water long predated fracking in the area. Quite simply, natural gas has been leaking up through the ground and into water in America for centuries. There are three towns in the US called Burning Springs and there are stories of native Americans lighting water on fire centuries ago, long before fracking was ever invented. Even worse, Josh Fox has admitted knowing these facts but decided not to tell his audience because HE decided it “wasn’t relevant.”


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  1. You people just don’t get it. The “facts” aren’t important. Making up shit and presenting it as fact are well recognized and legitimate actions of the (admittedly leftist) folks who have a story.

    Just listen, don’t look any further, or you’ll fuck up EVERYTHING.

  2. He deserves to spend some time with me….I’lll give him more material then he ever dreamed possible.


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