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Gene Simmons Demands You Listen To The Government

Gene Simmons says crack is bad but you really need endless boosters.
The Salty Cracker has the details.

SNIP: Hey, Gene. Either take a flat iron to that coconut fiber mess you call hair or slather some Liquid, Oil and Cream through it, FFS!

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  1. Ummmm……no. Just. No.
    “Stay in your lane”.
    You’re an entertainer. Entertain me (if you can).
    Yes, you have a right to your own opinion.
    Yes, you have a right to express your opinion.
    You DON’T have a right to demand that others listen to, take seriously, and obey your opinion.
    Just like I have the right to tell you to STFU and STFD.
    But do I expect you to like it?
    Do I expect you to obey it?
    Oh HELL NO! (but it would be awesome if you did)

  2. I remember the time I went to a Gene Simmons concert.

    It was off the beaten track and a very very cold date.
    My Whiskey got grabbed by the Cops at the Door.
    But . . .

    I got a Story.
    No Sh#t True Story of an incident that happened Mid-Concert.
    I bet you nobody in the World remembers it even happened . . .
    Except for a couple of people.
    The Band Member who Jumped and Lost something in the process.

    Does that ring a Bell?

    My claim to fame. I saw who stole that thing but have no idea who or where he is today.

    What a Ride.

    Hey Gene.
    Can I call you?

  3. Gene seems to have forgotten what Rock music was about.


    I’m Not a Kiss Fan but Paul Stanley actually had the talent.
    I saw him as the Phantom in Phantom of The Opera (Toronto). He Pulled it Off very well.

    Ace was a shit guitarist.

    Gene – Just put their name on everything and made money more times than he lost.

  4. Kcir – Seriously ? Don’t know who this Stanley guy is but I saw the “Original” Phantom Michael Crawford on Broadway AND Sarah Brightman, too. (Didn’t have to cross the pond either)

  5. Maybe Gene should take a walk without security guards in Detroit Rock City with his White skin hanging out and see how believing the government about anything works out for him.

  6. Genipero,

    Yes. Paul Stanley did a few shows as the Phantom.
    If you search it up on Y-tube you will find some grainy old videos of it.
    (Aprox. 25 years ago)

    What was hilarious was that there were vendors at the Royal Pantages Theatre selling Kiss T-shirts & memorabilia like a rock concert.

    It was better than expected and Fun although not as good as a real opera singer performing the role. I saw that as well.

    In KISS he is the guy with the STAR on his eye. aka: The Starchild


  7. I can swear, affirm and cross my heart to this additional detail for validity

    A Cool Stinky Cat by the last name of Smith.
    He and his wife Carol can vouch for this if I knew where they were.

  8. Kcir , Thanks so much for sharing this. Hard to imagine that the man was partially deaf AND feared the Draft yet no one told him that his classification was probably 4F. He is most definitely a “Starchild” . Did view a YouTube clip of his turn as the Phantom. Excellent !

  9. I respect his pro-“capitalist” and pro-American stances but anyone who trusts ANY gov’t is a fool.

    Josef Mengele told his “patients” to take their shots, too, and he represented a gov’t.
    (does Gene know how that turned out?)

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  10. “Take off all of your clothing, have a nice shower, and afterward you get a big meal.” Then the showers turned out to be poison gas.
    Those Nazis, such tricksters.
    Yeah, in your circles being married to a former Playboy cum receptacle is a plus.
    Why should any one listen to that?

  11. Old people are afraid. Consider Howard Stern. Think of my parents. Mom never met a vaccine she didn’t like, even when they are not really vaccines. (Vaccination, introduction of an antigen to stimulate an immune response to the disease caused by said antigen. Clot Shot, introduction of Modified RiboNucleic Acid encapsulated in lipid nanoparticles to hijack healthy cells to produce a portion of an antigen to stimulate an immune response to said portion as well as the type of host cell that was hijacked.) Mom likes vaccines so much, she coerced Dad to take the two shot Pfiser Philter. Dad has rheumatoid arthritis. After Dad was released from the hospital to a nursing home for rehab when he got better from his shot-induced pneumonia, Mom convinced him to do as he was told by “the home” and take a booster. Dad only had to spend a few daze in the hospital with a loculated pleural effusion after said booster. Did I forget to mention that Dad went from mall walking to wheelchair coasting with his first trip to hospital? Sorry for the unnecessary flashback. Mom’z optic chiasm was injured by her vaccine, so now she payz $15/hr for assistants to live with her 24/7.

    – Wheee!

    P.S. Let’s Go Brandon!

    P.P.S. Fuck Gene Simmons!

  12. P.P.P.S. Mom and Dad’s medical expenses in 2019: ~$20K including what Medicare paid.

    P.P.P.P.S. Mom and Dad’s medical expenses for 2022: ~300K including Mom’z assistants.

  13. My life is wonderful. I live in Tejas. The craziness is in Southeast Misery.

    In terms of inheritance, whatever is left after Rona, I’ve tried to convince my parents to leave to the Shriner’s Hospitals for Children to honor my Mom’s dad.

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