George Conway thinks he can ‘deprogram’ Trump supporters, but he can’t even help his daughter with her ‘daddy issues.’ – IOTW Report

George Conway thinks he can ‘deprogram’ Trump supporters, but he can’t even help his daughter with her ‘daddy issues.’


There are a few high-profile folks on this planet who probably won’t be snagging any “Father of the Year” awards anytime soon. Joe Biden is one of them, having sadly raised a degenerate crackhead criminal. The other not-so-stellar dad would likely be George Conway, the Stage 5 TDS lunatic whose misguided hatred for President Trump has wreaked havoc on his life and family.

It’s a tough scene, especially for George Conway’s daughter, Claudia. She’s been struggling for a good part of her young life. We all remember when she had that epic meltdown online, right? Fueled by left-wing reporters, this poor teenager was used to push a twisted political agenda against her mom and Trump advisor, Kellyanne Conway. Unfortunately, this young lady has really gotten the short end of the stick, seemingly lost in the political shuffle. It makes you wonder—if her father, who’s got some of the worst TDS we’ve ever seen, spent half as much time focusing on his daughter as he does on his bizarre anti-Trump crusade, she might be in a much better place. As it stands now, Claudia Conway has decided that her path in life is “sex work,” which probably isn’t every father’s dream for his daughter. More

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  1. The problem with stupid people is they don’t realize they’re stupid. Because, they’re stupid. This clown is the poster boy for stupid. I watched a tape of him on one of the libtard networks, on a panel. One of the guys on the panel was a conservative. This was just after Trump was convicted. Fat Boy when into this long legalese bull shit about what a POS Trump is and how guilty he is. Come time for the conservative to rebutt and all Fat Boy could do is scream, he’s lying. Over and over. So the conservative stops and asks him where are the lies. Fat Boys reply? He’s lying.
    Yesterday he volunteered to run the MAGA re education camps. Maybe he’s just angry because he hasn’t seen his wiener in a couple decades.

  2. I don’t believer Loomer’s been tweeting about whatshernames genitalia. Loomer is aggressive, but she seems to have some class. Which is more than I can say for Fat Boy and that butt ugly girl.

  3. First, the nose. A rhinoplasty is in order. Family is of no importance to any leftist. The revolution is all. Review Marx’s handling of his responsibilities. Conway is a genuinely pathetic creature. His daughter is a product of neglect occurring in an intense, emotionally disturbed environment.

  4. This guy is going to deprogram me from what? From believing a mediocre-at-best career politician with a penchant for lying and plagarism and who is undoubtably suffering from dementia is qualified to be President of the United States? From a President who leads a Democrat party that supports abortion up to the time of birth, open borders, allows biological men to participate in women’s sports, and promotes the medical mutilation of young children under the lie of “gender affirming care?” From a politician who puts the rights of criminals over the rights of ordinary citizens and who supports a middle eastern terrorist group over a Israel – a middle east ally? A corruptocrat who has made millions while holding down government jobs his entire life? An egotistical ass who, along with his political party, has done more to divide the citizens of this nation than anyone else? From a President who has blatantly weaponized government agencies and the court system to protect his position?

    Fortunately, Conway and his ilk are probably about as incompetent in deprograming anything as they are in designing or promoting coherent public policy which is in the best interests of the majority of America’s citizens.

  5. George Conway ought to get the fat sucked out of his neck. One of them, at least.

    Doctor: George, the liposuction worked great. Ya are gonna love the way you look. One down, two to go. See ya next month.

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