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George Santos: The Hero We Need?


Most people probably stopped paying attention to the George Santos story a week ago, when attention shifted to the battle over who will get to be Speaker of the House.

But if you can believe it, the Santos saga somehow continues to get funnier:

The chairman of the Nassau County Republican Party on Tuesday said that embattled Rep. George Santos told him that he was a “star player” on a the volleyball team for a college that he did not attend.

During a press conference featuring top Nassau GOP officials calling on Santos to resign from Congress, Joseph Cairo said that the congressman fabricated his involvement with the Baruch College sports team while being vetted during the campaign.

“He told me … that he was a star on the Baruch volleyball team and that they won the league championship,” Cairo said of Santos.

Santos last month admitted that he did not attend either Baruch College or New York University — which he claimed during his successful election against Democratic nominee Robert Zimmerman in the Long Island-anchored 3rd Congressional District.


So for those who haven’t rigorously tracked every twist in the Santos story, the newly-elected Congressman:

  • Lied about having an elite finance job when he actually worked at Dish Network.
  • Lied about his mother having a finance career when she was actually just a cook and housecleaner who spoke no English.
  • Claimed that his grandparents were Jews who fled the Holocaust, when they were actually born in Brazil.
  • Claimed to have started an animal welfare group that was never incorporated and may have held fraudulent fundraisers.
  • Lied about four of his employees dying in the Pulse nightclub shooting, when there is no evidence that ever happened.
  • Presented himself as a proudly out gay man without mentioning a recent ex-wife.
  • May have stolen a boyfriend’s phone to pawn it for cash.
  • Said he was a well-off property owner with many delinquent renters when in fact he owns no property and has been evicted three times.
  • May face up to five years in prison if he ever returns to Brazil.
  • Is a fake volleyball star.

But let’s be honest here: George Santos isn’t the worst liar in the Republican Party. The real dishonesty and manipulation in the GOP isn’t from Santos, but from the party leaders who have betrayed their voters over and over again for decades. MORE

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  1. Seems to me that George is parodying the entire establishment. I think it is hilarious watching him lie to the public and inflated his resume to the heavens. Just like so many of our “best and brightest” in DC.

  2. He’ll fit right in!

    Actually his confession makes him better.

    He reminds me of that comedian, I think Alex Stein, who appeared in front of school boards and city councils.

  3. What’s the big deal? This guy at least admits he was lying; the scum that have been elected for years are bald faced liars, apart from being talent-less hacks, and will never admit it.

    I remember him when he was doing commercials for Isuzu …called himself Joe.

  4. So there’s a guy in the Senate who lied about his Vietnam service for years. Obama lied about where he was born and what his real name was. Biden has been lying for years about everything, still doing it today.

    I’ve had politicians lie to me many times over the years promising what they would do and doing opposite. One of them is now a Senator, he lied about who he wouldn’t vote for as speaker, how he would not become one of them, would only serve three terms, then lied and said he never said it, then lied and said taxpayers don’t pay his salary. He was reelected after all of those lies and then elected to the Senate.


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