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Geraldo: ‘2nd Amendment Is Stupid’

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BigJournalism: Following the news of the heinous attack on Inland Regional Services complex in San Bernardino, California, Fox News’s Geraldo Rivera tweeted that the “2nd Amendment is stupid” and asked Americans not to “rationalize” otherwise.

His exact tweet: “Mass shooting in San Bernadino California at a Center for the Developmentally Disabled WTF! The 2d Amendment is Stupid!!! Don’t rationalize.”

It is interesting to note that Rivera was criticizing the 2nd Amendment as “stupid” long before the attack in San Bernardino took place. For example, after a firearms instructor was killed in an Arizona gun range accident involving a 9-year-old tourist on August 28, 2014, Rivera responded by describing the 2nd Amendment as “blind and stupid.”

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  1. The people in the hospital weren’t allowed to arm themselves. San bernardino is what happens when there is no second amendment, ie, what Geraldo wants.

  2. Rivera is one self-absorbed sick bastard—-and Murdock/Ailes keep him around?? Way beyond “Fair and Balanced”, just like Beckel WAS.

  3. “Here we are in Tora Bora …”
    “Oh, shit! Did I say that out loud?”

    “Indeed you did, you fucking moron.”


  4. Rivera describing the 2nd Amendment as “blind and stupid.” … said the ‘never was’ and now-a-days total loser about the latest terror attack. … and Fox “News” continues to play this fiddle as the other side’s voice on their “shows” … Just one of the many things wrong with today’s “media”.

    Why does or would anyone listen to such an asshole? He has always been and asshole, and will always be an asshole! Anyone who is still listening to him better go look in a mirror as ask the person they see who and what they are.

  5. My, what a difference a couple weeks make. Wasn’t Jerry Rivers wishing his daughter had had a gun during the Paris attacks?

    Yesterday, Insty ran Jerry’s insane tweet and someone replied with a pix of his infamous bath-towel selfie and, “Don’t you have some dick pix to take, Grandpa?”

  6. Geraldo is bereft of rationality. If there was any rationality left in our politicians and media, they would be urging all Americans to get concealed carry licenses, be armed constantly, and start pulling all suspected Muslims out of their Mosques by their beards for deportation. Instead, we have a never-ending escalation on the rights, freedoms, and time of ordinary Americans. More metal detectors will be installed, more security guards will be hired at taxpayer expense, etc. We need to deport Muslims, who by definition have self-identified as potential killers, and need to be deported. Islam is not now and never has been a religion of peace.

  7. I work in a corporate environment, and I carry a gun.
    You can’t see it, because I have a custom-made pocket holster to conceal it.

    No one knows I have it, including any potential shooter.
    This is one of the safest workplaces in the midwest.

    I’m ready.

  8. Was there anybody at the massacre in that building that would have traded everything they had in life for a cheap Saturday night special and gladly paid the consequences for having a gun in there after?
    Most at that time I would say.
    ” News flash” better to have one and not need it, than need one and not have one.

  9. How humiliating to normal people would that infamous picture be? The selfie epitomizes the caliber of this joke of a human being.

  10. I also carried in my own corporate setting job from 9/11/2001 until I retired in 2013. Nobody ever knew. Not my best friend. Not my wife. Nobody! I’m not taking any chances.

  11. I’ll just point out that Geraldo hasn’t fled back to whatever shithole is ancestors crawled out of. I’m sure there is no 2nd Amendment there to make him unhappy.

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