Germany: Muslim vandalized a mosque because he suspected it was a church

AWE: Presumably to the annoyance of the political lefties, it turned out last week that the stone thrower on the Dresden mosque was a Muslim from Tunisia. At the court hearing, the orthodox believer now also expressed his motivation: The mosque he attacked was “not a real mosque”, rather a church. Only one week after the 30-year-old rejected asylum seeker Hosni S. had thrown three windows of the Fatih Camiine Mosque in Cotta, which was funded by Turkey, with stones, the Tunisian admitted in a so-called accelerated procedure before the district court of Dresden that he had also thrown in the windows of a Turkish kebab stand and two shop windows.  more

12 Comments on Germany: Muslim vandalized a mosque because he suspected it was a church

  1. Hosni S. is an inbred imbecilic fanatic whose only tool against non-inbred imbecilic fanatics is to throw rocks, either literally or figuratively. And there are millions more just like him.

  2. europe continues to embrace third world, muzzies to it’s detriment….. the eventual fall will be noisy and ablaze.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  3. Good thing he wasn’t a right-wing extremist the judge would of thrown the book at him.
    Nazis were National Socialists workers party, purely left wing, twisting the language around again.

  4. Scum like him are free to attack at will thanks to the worlds leftists who provide protection and share the same goal.

  5. he is not well okay,all this religions fanatics who don’t want peace in their life’s and he shall never find peace in his life.why should he vandalise building thinking it is a church,shame unto him evils man.

  6. live them,it is a satanic package at end times,in john 16v2 they sha put you out of d synagogues,yea d times come that whosoeva kill u wil think dat he doe God service.they ar killing christain nd spread satanic religioul islamic

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