Get back to me when MSNBC sends heavily-armed agents

[Happy Birthday, Dianny!]

Patriot Retort: MSNBC is getting dragged because one of their reporters ambushed Robert Mueller as he was leaving church on Easter Sunday.

Note how MSNBC headlines this: “Spotted.” As if they weren’t camped out at the church they know Mueller attends waiting to ambush him. Yes, it was just a happy coincidence MSNBC had a reporter and cameraman on hand. What a joke.

But I’m not ready to join the “have they no decency?!!!” crowd.

No, not because I think it is appropriate to ambush someone leaving church.

But it still isn’t as awful as launching a pre-dawn raid of heavily-armed agents to arrest a man on a process crime.

This is Robert Mueller we’re talking about.



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It’s Dianny’s Birthday! Happy Birthday to our friend at Patriot Retort!

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  1. …yes, @MJA, but there’s still hope a Clintonesque “accident” may yet spare her from aging further before too awfully long…

  2. Happy Birthday, Dianny!

    Yeah, it sucks that the media was sneaking up on Mueller like that. Even without armed men in patrol cars. I only feel bad for the other church goers. They shouldn’t be interrupted like that, by moron media hanging around.
    As for Mueller? I can’t work up any sympathy. Again, the media sucks. It was a classless thing to do outside of the church. But I don’t care if a reporter was hanging on to the hood of the car like a tick as Mueller drove away. Just don’t do it in or outside of the church.
    Would they do that in front of a mosque as Brennan was leaving?

  3. What shocks me is that the Church Mueller was in didn’t spontaneously combust like a vampire caught in sunlight.

  4. Happy Birthday to you
    And your Middle Fingers too
    Happy Birthday Dianny!
    Smoke ’em if you got ’em

  5. Unhinged Russiagate conspiracy theorists now harassing Robert Mueller at Easter Mass. Don’t tell me He’s an
    “Easter Worshipper” too!

  6. A lot of Christians got ambushed at church this Easter by violent radicals.

    MSNBC was just following their lead.

  7. Oh, C’mon now. The MSNBC news crew was seeking salvation and saw a church and wanted to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior. As they were going in, lo and behold but who should they see but Robert Mueller.

    They put their duty as journalists above their personal well being and asked Mueller some questions.

    And somebody left a flashlight turned on and that is what caused the Norte Dame fire.

  8. MJA APRIL 22, 2019 AT 1:28 PM
    “Supernightshade- When I saw that Justice Roberts looked like Powdered Toast Man, I couldn’t unsee it. LOL.”

    …PTM’s FRONT end, or his BACK end? He kinda looks like BOTH to ME, and he DOES fly backwards…


  10. Yeah, I’m not real big on justifying bad behavior by comparing it to other bad behavior. Ambushing anyone who just came out of Easter Sunday service is just despicable.

    Mueller, for all his leftest leanings and Hillary loving hires, was pretty good at running a tight ship with very little leaks. In fact, when the press ran with the ,”Trump told Cohen to lie to Congress” whopper, Mueller immediately nipped that lie right in the bud, much to the consternation of the fibbers.


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