Get the net! Marxine Waters goes insane in front of California Teamsters

American Mirror: MAXINE MELTDOWN: Waters shouts ‘Damn this president!’

California Congresswoman Maxine Waters had another meltdown this weekend as she bloviated about what she thinks President Trump is doing to the country.

“We’re in a difficult time in this country,” Waters said during an appearance before the Teamsters union Local 630 in Los Angeles.

“We’re almost at a constitutional crisis in the United States of America,” she said, before changing her declaration and saying, “We’re at a constitutional crisis because we’ve got a president, the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

“You know, some people think his antics sometimes are funny, sometimes cute, sometimes unusual. And to say, ‘Well, you know, he’s going to learn to become presidential,’” Waters said.

“That’s a lie!

“He’s never going to be presidential,” she declared, waving her glasses at the silent audience.


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  1. “He’s never going to be presidential,” Waxing Matters declared.

    You mean he’s never going to be a phony? Never going to compromise on what he believes is right? Never going to try to blow smoke up the ass of any/all Americans? Never going to stop calling the jerks in the DeMSM jerks? To their face?

    Good. In fact, OUTSTANDING!

  2. Dear Ophra: did you know that Maxie Waters raids your trash & picks out your discarded wigs?

    … seriously! … the woman has a problem

  3. All You Crackers can kiss My saggy ASS!!!!

    (It’s somewhere South of My Cankles)

    Oh…and You’re all Peached!!!

  4. “We’re in a difficult time in this country,” Waters said.
    Yea maxine, for you and your crooked crackpot cronies, not the rest of us.
    And yes, we do have a President the likes of which we’ve not seen before…..and most of the country actually thinks that’s a great thing, so SHATAAAP! mushmouph!

  5. Well, she is correct about a Constitutional crisis, but it is her party and the wet-noodle republicans that are causing it.

  6. Based on who I’ve seen driving trucks recently, I doubt if anyone in that audience spoke english. Or whatever language she was shouting.

  7. MrPinko and Mike,
    Did you write it down, like with a pen, on paper?
    Paper is ok to write it on but do NOT enter it into just any, or even any, chip memory bank book. Capiche? I need to talk to a man and have a plan.

  8. I love that woman/thing. Every time she opens her flap-doodle mouth, I have to laugh… Good Gosh, she is a never ending comedic entity. ROFLOL!!!!

  9. I’ll bet there’s quite a puddle at the podium by the time she’s done with her senility tirade. Some illegal alien democrat voters will have to clean up the union hall.

  10. Did anyone hear that?

    It sounded like a hysterical swamp creature pleading for help as the swamp drained down to expose the thick black muck at the bottom that I call maxine®™.

    Some call it swamp waters, I call it maxine waters ®™.

    Ahhh.. the good ole swamp. On a quiet night I can hear all of the Progs croaking on their sillypads.


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