Global Climate Warming Change and the physics of ice


Larry Pickering- Pickering Post:


Look, I’m no physicist and I’m no climatologist, in fact I left school at 13 because I wanted to learn stuff, but I certainly feel more qualified than Malcolm Turnbull and his lefty mates Tim Flannery and Ross Garnaut to tell you about how melting ice would affect sea levels, because it’s not exactly what they say and it’s not exactly rocket science either.

Now, my life has been one of inventing things, building things and growing things. Mr Turnbull’s has been a life of making money from money. So I reckon, productivity wise, I’m a little bit in front of Mr Turnbull.

So I’ll try to explain the physics of ice for Mr Turnbull. No, not the stuff you smoke, the fresh water that get hard when it gets really cold:

You see, the globe is not getting warmer (if only it was, food production would not be a problem). Despite what Mr Turnbull’s friends in the UN say, ice is actually increasing at both poles and has been for years, especially in the South.

At the Northern cap, where valuable CO2 is at its most productive as it is surrounded by industrialised nations, record cold temperatures have paralysed North America and Europe for the past five years.  more

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