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GOP House Majority Leader Scalise enters speaker race


House Majority Leader Steve Scalise on Wednesday announced his campaign for House speaker following the ousting of Rep. Kevin McCarthy.

His announcement came hours after fellow GOP Rep. Jim Jordan announced his bid and also sought support from members of their House Republican Conference for the nomination. 

“You know my leadership style I’ve displayed as your Majority Leader and Whip,” Scalise wrote in a letter to his GOP colleagues. “I have a proven track record of bringing together the diverse array of viewpoints within our Conference to build consensus where others thought it impossible.” more

15 Comments on GOP House Majority Leader Scalise enters speaker race

  1. his major problem is that he’s in poor health … blood cancer & crippling gun-shot wounds.

    oh, and he’s a big McCarthy/Ryan supporter, so there’s that … same old, same old.

    sadly, there is nowhere to go to for a party that supports ‘We, the people’

  2. Even though they are probably not electable, and neither of them voted for removal, I still like Clay Higgins and Byron Donalds. They both had acceptable statements regarding their vote, and as far as I can tell they have been reliable conservative votes and can articulate their positions well. So that probably makes them unelectable.

  3. I do? Lol. Damn. He is correct. Remember when the Gateway was reporting McCarthy was stalling the impeachment hearings? Turns out that wasn’t the case at all. He couldn’t get a majority of Republican house members to vote for an impeachment trial. To funny. We’re fucked.

  4. I agree Brad, we are fucked.
    All the priority & funding for Ukraine proves that.
    The fact that outrageous amounts of American taxpayer money for that fucking corrupt country and support FROM BOTH FUCKING SIDES tells me the shit is already over.
    The fat lady is indeed singing…


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